7 Ways Your Body Screams You’re Unhappy

Happiness is not just a state of mind and a positive attitude toward life. It’s also associated with certain chemical processes in the body. In particular with the hormones that help us to feel happy and play an important role in our mood and ability to feel pleasure. The lack of these hormones can lead to discontent and even depression.

We at Bright Side would like to to draw your attention to signs from your body that can signal that there are low levels of happiness hormones.

1. Eating sweets and chips

If your body requires sugar and starch, then you may have low serotonin levels. These foods boost that hormone. Your mood improves and you feel better. But this happens only for a short period of time. As a result, the level of this happiness hormone is further reduced and you’ll feel that you need these products again.

2. Weight gain

A lack of dopamine can lead to weight gain. Besides the fact that you are drawn to sweets and unhealthy food, you can overeat. This happens because you are trying to compensate for the low level of this hormone by eating. Consequently, food addiction may develop.

3. Breast tenderness

A lack of another hormone that influences our mood, also affects the state of our health. When a woman has a low level of estrogen, she may experience breast tenderness. It can occur during her periods, and regardless of them.

4. Low level of empathy

Studies found a connection between empathy and oxytocin. This love hormone affects our mood just like the others. And if you find it difficult to empathize with other people or you have problems with recognizing facial expressions, then you may be experiencing a lack of oxytocin.

5. Headache

Headaches can occur due to a lack of progesterone, another hormone that can improve mood. This pain can manifest itself in the form of migraines. The hormone is important during pregnancy, so the symptoms of low progesterone in pregnant women may differ and should be controlled.

6. Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the signs of low levels of serotonin, which we’ve already mentioned. It manifests itself in problems with sleep and causes changes in mood. People who experience constant stress, depression, and lead a sedentary lifestyle are prone to this disease.

7. Tremors

Tremors can occur due to a lack of the hormone dopamine. These are unintended movements in the body caused by muscle contractions. Most often, this happens in the hands. It can also be a symptom of a neurological disease.

Do you feel happy? Do you think that people can influence their own happiness? Share your thoughts with others in the comments.

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