8 Disturbing Signs That You Should Take a Break

Most of us start dreaming about our next vacation on the first day after returning to work, and that's okay. Work is often a stress that we subconsciously fight all the time. However, there are physical signs that you really have to take a break.

We at Bright Side would like to tell you about the 8 most frequent ones.

1. Headache

Your body might signal that it needs rest if you feel discomfort in your head. Too great a workload often results in moderate to severe aches in your head, neck, and eyes.

Moreover, a high stress level may lead to migraine attacks.

2. Digestion problems

When your brain works full tilt for a long time, your digestive tract suffers the most. In fact, it sinks into a kind of shock.

The most common consequence of this condition is the irritable bowel syndrome that is associated with stool problems and aches in different areas of the stomach.

3. Frequent colds

Stress increases your heart rate, accelerating blood circulation. This and increased blood pressure together may cause immunity problems, which results in us catching colds more often.

4. Inconsistent body weight

Severe stress often leads to rapid weight gain. This is caused by the cortisol hormone increase that makes you want to eat whatever's close by. The accumulation of simple carbs in your meals also leads to excess weight.

5. Stomachache

We've already mentioned that your digestive system suffers when you're stressed out, so stomachache and nausea may also be symptoms of a lack of rest.

6. Fatigue

If you stoop, have a hard time simply getting up, and always struggle not to fall sound asleep, then be aware that constant fatigue is also a sign of too great a workload.

7. Chest pain

Chest pains and aches caused by stress often have no connection whatsoever with the heart and are of purely neurological origin. If you frequently experience piercing pain in your chest, try first to relax.

However, don't forget that stress may actually lead to cardiac failure, so be sure to consult your doctor if you suspect heart problems.

8. Decrease in sexual activity

The brain ceases to produce enough chemicals responsible for sexual drive, so much so that a person might lose any desire to make love.

If you or your partner experience this kind of problem, remember that a good rest can set things straight again.

Based on materials from Power of Positivity
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