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8 Exercises You’d Better Avoid If You Dream of Having a Masculine Body

8 Exercises You’d Better Avoid If You Dream of Having a Masculine Body

Many common exercises exist because they have been passed to you from someone who you think is an enlightened body expert. But if you dream of having the perfect masculine body, you should avoid them as these are mostly useless and can even cause bad injuries.

Bright Side brings you 8 exercises that are more fad than real and you should avoid them to keep injury at bay.

Behind-the-head shoulder press

If you do the behind-the-head shoulder press, you will be targeting the same muscles you would be targeting if you did it in front of your head. Also, by going behind-the-head you put your shoulder in a vulnerable position. Instead, try training in the front by using increasingly heavier weight. You will soon begin to see more strength improvements and muscle gain.

Doing squats using a smith machine

The way most people use a smith machine is wrong and should be avoided. Since it is a limited range machine, it will take away the benefits of stabilization from whatever exercise you do using it. Specifically, doing squats using a smith machine puts you in a very unnatural squatting position.

Trying to have well-toned hips using the hip abduction and adduction machine

This machine is known to cause serious lower back injuries because it’s not normal to lift a heavy load in that position.

Trying to work your oblique muscles using the seated torso rotation machine

When you rotate your spine, your hips also rotate. Since this machine is also locked into a range of motion, your hips cannot rotate properly which puts excessive pressure on your spine.

Lat pulldown behind the head

By trying to get the bar behind the head, you increase your chances of getting a rotator cuff injury because you rotate your arms externally as far as they can go. Also, there is a possibility of getting a neck injury.

Exercising using the leg press machine

Working out with this machine does not allow your muscles and joints to perform in a functional manner which puts stress on your knees and your lower back.

Leg extensions

These exercises serve no functional purpose unless you are trying to recover from an injury.

Trying to strengthen your back using the hyperextension machine

Most people use this machine improperly which puts their lower back at risk for an injury. The spine should never extend past its neutral position at any time, but most people using this machine extend their spine past that point.

Let us know in the comments whether you have tried some of these exercises? Also, share with us what made you think these were good for you.

Illustrated by Igor Polushin for Bright Side
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