8 Signs That You Are Healthy Even If You Don’t Think So

True Health Initiative is known worldwide as an organization that has an alternative approach to health issues. The doctors who work at True Health Initiative try to lower the tension around health problems. Today, according to the doctors, people pay too much attention to health which leads to hypochondria. In this article, we have collected 8 signs of really good health that doctor-nutritionist Cynthia Geyer, a member of THI, told us about.

We at Bright Side hope that we can relieve some tension about health issues. Spoiler alert: if you are feeling okay, it means you are okay! Even through all the vehicle emissions you breathe, GMOs you eat, and chemicals that are in your shampoo.

1. You eat only when you're hungry and never eat too much.

If you don't eat out of boredom and you're not psychologically addicted to food, you're good in this respect and can move forward.

2. Your diet is healthy.

You eat tasty and different food. Don't limit your diet to chicken breasts and rice, or vice versa, don't eat too many sweets or foods that are bad for you.

3. You eat as much as your body needs.

Every person has their own food needs. There is no one universal formula that you can use to calculate how many calories you need, it's a very individual thing. You can eat very little, or a lot more than other people and still be considered normal. The most important thing is to listen to your body and try to understand what it wants. If you are able to do this, congratulations!

So, the first three points on this list mean one thing: you eat normally, you don't eat too much or too little, and you eat different food and don't obsess about it.

4. You can take a flight of stairs and breathe normally.

This is an indicator that your body is in good physical shape. You don't need to have an amazing stamina or do a lot of sports to be considered healthy. If you don't feel like your dying when you take the stairs, it means that you are okay.

"If you can take two flights of stairs without a break and feel okay on the top, it means that you are in good physical shape. This means that your body can handle everyday physical activity normally".

5. You experience a range of emotions — from sadness to excitement.

Psychological health has nothing to do with being super optimistic 24/7. The scientists, the authors of today's study, say, "Being angry from time to time is normal, being sad is normal, being annoyed and depressed is normal. The ability to have all these emotions is a sign of good psychological health. And you should also realize that none of these emotions are constant".

6. You can get up pretty early without an alarm.

This means that you can get up early, without an alarm, and feel good. It's not about the days when you need to get up at 6 a.m. It's about the days when you have a relaxed schedule, when you don't need to get up at a certain time.

So, if you are able to feel that you got good sleep, a solid rest, and you can get out of bed early and feel good — you are healthy.

7. You don't fall asleep instantly.

Of course, there are difficult days when you fall asleep in a matter of seconds — once your head hits the pillow. This is perfectly normal unless it happens every day. According to scientists, the normal process of falling asleep takes from 10 to 20 minutes. This should be a calm and slow process.

8. You have enough energy to do what you want.

This means that if you don't have to survive in a cycle of "sleep — food — work — sleep", then you are fine. You have enough energy for the things that you like, like playing with your child, meeting your friends, or spending time with your pets.

So, there's a simple formula: if you eat normally, you sleep well, and you move during the day, it means that you are okay. Do you see yourself in any of these points?

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