9 Exercises From Cindy Crawford That Can Transform Your Body in 10 Minutes a Day

In the '90s, the legendary supermodel, Cindy Crawford released several video workouts that had amazing success. Crawford's exercises are simple and effective and require the work of all the main muscle groups without the need for any special equipment.

At Bright Side, we decided to do the workouts that Cindy developed and liked them so much we want to share them with you! Don't forget about doing a warm-up before the workout — and then you can start on your journey to getting the perfect shape!

1. Squats: knees outward

Let's start the workout with leg exercises. Put the legs a little wider than the shoulders, and feet should be pointed outward. Do 10 deep squats. Push the hips up actively, you can place your hands on the waist.

2. Lunges

One more simple and effective exercise for legs is regular lunges. Do 10 reps.

3. Squats: "sitting on the chair"

The initial position has you with your feet at shoulder width apart and your hands on the waist. You should do squats again, but differently this time: imagine that you are sitting down on a chair. Do 10 reps. Then, do 10 lunges again.

4. Squats: legs together

The last cycle of squats should be done with your legs together, hands forward. Complete 10 reps. After this exercise, do 10 more lunges.

5. Incomplete push-ups

Now let's do a few exercises for the abs and chest. Put your hands at shoulder width, keeping your hips and legs against the mat. Do two sets, 10 reps in each.

6. Incomplete body lifting

Keep your legs bent and your hands behind your head. Lift your body 20 times, keeping your back on the mat.

7. Complete body lifting

Keep your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Now lift your entire body. Do 20 reps.

8. Abs exercises

Reach your right leg with your left elbow, the right hand should be on the floor or on your belly. Do 20 reps, then switch the hand and leg, and repeat.

9. Legs up

This exercise is good for the lower muscles of the belly: lie on your back and put your hands down alongside your body. Lift your legs up 20 times.

If you have a balanced diet and do these exercises regularly, you will have the perfect shape very soon. Are you ready to try it?

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