9 Food Products We Refuse Ourselves But Really Shouldn’t

Sometimes, we refuse ourselves too much when chasing the perfect figure and health. However, doctors encourage us not to do this as not all food we think of as harmful is actually so.

We at Bright Side did a little research and compiled a list of 9 foods that can be quite good for you if consumed in moderation.

French fries

Dieticians long ago added this delicious treat to the list of harmful foods. Yet, as time has shown, nothing bad will happen if you eat them in small helpings. Apart from that, potatoes contain iodine, vitamin B, phosphorus, a little vitamin C and folic acid, improve digestion, and strengthen immunity.

Ice cream

Yep, ice cream can be good both for your health and your figure. The calcium contained in milk helps burn fat, and it's especially good for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Milk ice cream also contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

To avoid consuming really harmful dyes and food additives, physicians strongly recommend eating pure milk ice cream or even homemade ones.


Good news for avid movie-goers: popcorn normalizes blood sugar and helps eliminate insulin, and it's also rich in antioxidants.


The skin issues allegedly caused by chocolate are just a rumor. Real chocolate contains polyphenols that improve blood circulation and keep our skin tight and smooth. In addition, chocolate invigorates: one bar can replace a cup of coffee.


Many doctors now recommend having a salad with mayo 2-3 times a week because of the vegetable oils contained in it: they help prevent cardiac diseases. Also, vitamins E and F neutralize the negative effects of the environment and improve metabolism.

However, this only concerns the mayo you make at home - store-bought mayo won't do you any good.


Beer beats everything when it comes to useful acids. Citric acid prevents kidney stones; vitamin C and folic acid strengthen immunity. That's why many physicians advise drinking beer once a week - just remember the rule of moderation.


Pasta contains starch, vitamin B, and antioxidants that slow down cell aging.


No, it's not a "sweet death." Scientists have long since proved that humans can't live without sugar, and a lack of it may lead to brain issues like sclerotic changes. Apart from that, sugar is a substance that regulates liver activity.

Strong alcohol

Taken in small doses, strong alcoholic beverages such as cognac can be not just harmless but even very useful. They alleviate headaches, improve digestion, and decrease cholesterol levels. Alcohol can also be a good treatment for common colds, and just a single shot can relieve stress.

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