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A Fitness Blogger Explains Why Weighing Less Doesn’t Mean Having a Better Life

A fitness blogger named Kate has recently shown on her Instagram account called “Dedikated lifestyle” how she has changed over 6 years. At first glance, it might seem that the order of the photos has been mixed up but, in fact, it hasn’t. She really didn’t become any slimmer, but vice versa — she got curvier. Kate claims she has become happier and our article is going to tell you why.

We at Bright Side admire people, and Kate in particular, who are brave enough to show their true feelings to the world, as well as follow their heart. We hope you’ll find some inspiration from her too.

On the 8th of January, Kate published a photo of herself in 2014 and in 2020. She has gone through drastic changes, but her story is not about losing weight. This Australian girl has been changing her way of thinking and accepting herself the way she is. She decided to stop sticking to common beauty standards and chose her own way of being happy.

The comment she left for this photo explains everything. It was really inspiring and we would like to share it with you with the author’s permission:

"I find it so hard to look at old photos and remember being that girl 💔 Not because I wish I still looked like that or because I compare my body. But because it reminds me of how obsessed I was.
It reminds me of when I would exclude myself from social events so I didn’t have to eat out. It reminds me of losing time with my friends, family, and husband because I chose the gym above everything. It reminds me of daily weigh-ins, secret binges, and constantly wanting to be less.
And you know what, it reminds me of sadness, being self-conscious, and never feeling like I was good enough.

I can tell you that weighing less does not mean your life will suddenly be better. Long term happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose doesn’t come from short-term weight loss.
I know that I would much rather be curvier/bigger/thicker, be free from diet culture, and have freedom around food, than be “lean” and consumed by weighing less, seeing those numbers go down every day, and counting the calories in my lettuce leaves.

Remember that sometimes gaining weight is simply a side effect of living your best life and that “healthy” looks different on everybody. Maybe it’s time to trust yours and let it do its thing."

Today Kate is happy with the way she looks and she doesn’t feel shy about posting her photos on social media.

Do you think it’s high time we stopped being obsessed with the shape of our body and started to accept ourselves the way we are? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit dedikated_lifestyle / Instagram
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