A New Fat-Burning Leg Workout That Can Help You Rejuvenate Your Body

Doing one exercise daily can be more useful than going to the gym once a week, according to the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. And we found the perfect exercise: it doesn`t require special equipment — just a bottle of water — and it only takes up to 15 minutes. You`ll be blown away by the results.

Bright Side loves discovering new exercises for a beautiful and healthy body, and we can’t help but share them with you! This super-simple workout is exactly what you need to achieve the perfect shape.

The bottle exercise may seem too simple — who can`t hold a bottle between their legs? Besides the fact that it activates the inner and outer thigh, the glutes, the abdominal muscles, and the lower back, fat layers become thinner and it also reduces swelling, tightens all the leg muscles, and tones the whole body.

How to do it

  • You need to take a bottle (the larger the diameter, the better), put it high between your legs — directly under the crotch.
  • Put your feet parallel and as close as possible to each other.
  • Squeeze the bottle, using inner thighs.
  • Then add pelvic movements — tighten the deep stomach muscles and move your back from an arched to a rounded position and then back, pulling the pelvis forward (like it`s shown in the illustration above).
  • Perform all the movements slowly and gradually, without unnecessary intensity and without straining your knees.

Different levels of the workout

It’s important to do this exercise at all 3 levels — starting with the easiest. The lower the bottle, the more difficult it is to hold it.

1. The bottle is high at the crotch area, squeezed between the thighs.

2. The bottle is right in the middle between the crotch and the knees, squeezed between the thighs.

3. The bottle is squeezed between the knees.

With this exercise, the bottle is only necessary to feel the work of muscles. In the future you won`t need the help of an object, so it`ll be possible to perform the exercise in any place, at any time — like while standing in line, for example!

Health benefits

In addition to the obvious muscle tone and reduction of body fat, the bottle exercise activates the pelvic floor, reduces back pain, and works to eliminate women’s health problems (like weakness of the urinary sphincter, uterine prolapse, and other problems). It also significantly strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, which improves colon activity.

What is your go-to exercise that you do daily to keep your body in shape? We`d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!

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