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After Dropping 10 Dress Sizes, a Woman Shares Her Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, the most important thing is creating a healthy lifestyle that you can live with and one that gives you results. One woman came up with a plan to fight her weight problems that had plagued her life up to that point and ended up dropping around 10 dress sizes. Now, she is sharing her weight loss tips with the world.

We at Bright Side love to celebrate people making healthy changes and getting the results they want, so we are sharing her story with you. Make sure to read the 3 tips she shared that helped her weight loss journey!

Hannah Lester, a school librarian from Puxico, Missouri said that her weight problems became especially apparent during her college years. Fast food became an easy food option, since she worked at a fast food restaurant and because of her hectic class schedule. She weighed around 285 pounds and she was only 5’6″ tall. So it was about time for little exercise.

Getting a job after college actually helped Lester turn her life around when she and her co-workers joined a weight loss challenge. Lester started simple: from January to May 2012, she would try to lose 35 pounds. To help her do this, she created a plan.

  • She cut out all fast food and soda from her diet.
  • She drank more water every day.
  • For exercise, she started walking more.

To her surprise, Lester accomplished her goal in March, 2 months earlier than she had hoped for. Realizing that she was on the right path, she began taking her life in a new direction, eventually losing 50 pounds.

Once she lost 50 pounds, Lester decided to take things up a notch.

  • She used the stair stepper at the gym and increased her walking time.
  • She also started eating at home, which she felt helped her indirectly eat healthier.

Over 3 years, she eventually lost 100 pounds.

Ultimately, Lester has 3 tips she believes helped her lose weight and could help others like her.

  • Keep your fat clothes. They’re a reminder of how far you’ve come on your weight loss journey.
  • Celebrate the small victories. Little things add up eventually (well, little losses subtract) and getting too frustrated might throw you off track.
  • Similarly, make sensible goals. Making your plan as easy as it can be, will help you stick to it.

Do you have any tips that you’ve found to help you in your routine of keeping healthy or getting in shape? Let us know!

Preview photo credit Hannah Lester