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Australian Men Live the Longest, and It’s High Time We Learned From Them

According to a recent study, Australian men live longer than guys in other countries in Asia, Europe, and North America with an average life expectancy of about 74. In comparison, American men live an average of up to 71.5 years.

Here at Bright Side we want to know the secrets of longevity and share them with you. So grab your notebooks, here are 5 reasons Australian men live the longest.

1. It’s a stable country.

Things have been good and quiet in Australia for a really good time, shares Collin Payne, author of the research study. Compared to European countries, there were no major fights during both world wars on Australian land. Usually the infant mortality rate during military conflicts is higher, improper nutritional intake during childhood shows up later in life in terms of health and life expectancy.

2. Stress-free lifestyle

The majority of Australians live close to the beach. A good climate makes life automatically less stressful. That also involves an active lifestyle — people jog near the ocean, bike, surf, do beach yoga, etc. The researcher admits that he regularly meets happy people in their 70s riding mountain bikes or hiking, which speaks to the country’s universal health care and generally high standard of living.

3. Healthy cuisine

An abundance of fresh seafood and products that are fresh from the farm has shaped Australian cuisine into one of the most healthy and balanced eating styles in the world. This explains the explosion of Australian-style health-conscious restaurants all over the world with avocado toasts and breakfast veggie bowls, instead of peanut butter sandwiches and cereals with milk.

4. Australians are crazy about sports.

Australia is considered to be a “sports crazy” country. At the Olympics, it often gets in the top 5 at the medal table, despite its small population. These victories encourage people to get outdoors and be active, plus the weather and the ocean nearby are a big advantage. From rugby, to cricket, to football, to surfing, some Australians say that sports are already in their blood.

5. Innate toughness

Some Australians say the real reason Aussie guys live the longest is their attitudes — specifically, their innate toughness — perhaps, due to closeness with wild nature. If you want to live as long as them, stop complaining, get yourself together, and be in charge of your own life, they say.

Do you have any family or friends from Australia? Are they really into sports? We’d be happy to hear your stories in the comment section below!