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Doctors Shared Exercises to Prolong Our Life and Beat Fatigue, and We Can’t Thank Them Enough

Before Western medical therapy was introduced in China, traditional Chinese medicine had been used to save millions of Chinese lives over thousands of years. Traditional Chinese doctors have often suggested using simple actions and behaviors to help people attain healthy lifestyles. In particular, these doctors have revealed 2 simple yet important exercises that can actually extend your life with other health benefits.

Bright Side has tried these exercises that can fight fatigue and literally prolong your life! We can’t wait to share them with you.

1. Hand Exercise

Let's begin with the basics. We have 6 channels on each hand: the thumb (the lung channel), the index finger (the large intestine), the middle finger (the pericardial canal), the ring finger (the triple heater), the little or pinky finger (the heart channel) and the back of the hand (the back channel.) Making use of this, doctors suggest the following exercise:

  • Pull your arms forward slightly
  • Cup your hands and rotate them inward with both wrists
  • Make 150 inward movements
  • Perform the same outward motion
  • Repeat until you accomplish 150 times total

As an alternative, you can make a hard knock on the point just above the inner bend of the elbow with both hands for 150 times total. If done every day, this exercise is said to help relax your cervical region and even stop pain in your shoulders. Additionally, not being able to work with or turn your hands suggests heart problems.

2. Ankle Exercise

The feet also have 6 channels, 3 on the outside of the leg and 3 on the inside of the leg: the middle line of the leg (the gallbladder channel), the front of the leg (the stomach channel), the back of the leg (the bladder channel), the inside of the leg (the liver channel), the inner sides close to the front of the leg (the spleen channel), and the inner sides close to the back of the leg (the kidney channel). Likewise, this knowledge can be used to do a helpful exercise:

  • Sit up
  • Slightly raise your legs
  • Begin to rotate the ankles to the left
  • Transition to the right
  • Repeat 150 times in each direction

You can improve blood circulation in the legs using this exercise and help fight against fatigue. These 2 exercises can actually be performed while you're still in bed. No special equipment or gym membership is required either! Despite this, Chinese doctors believe these 2 exercises can add years to your life!

Bonus: 5-minute runs

One study found that running just 5 minutes a day can actually add about 3 years to your life on average. This study found that this quick exercise even helped people who were overweight or slow. There were a few caveats in this study though: running was found to be better than biking and walking and people who regularly ran already tended to have healthier lifestyles.

Will you try these exercises? Have they helped you with soreness or back pain? Do you have special exercises that seem to help you in your daily life? Let us know!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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