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How Much Food You Should Eat to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial to our health. However, only a few people know how much of them we should actually consume in order to get the necessary vitamins. Besides, some vitamins aren’t easily received with the help of fruits and vegetables only.

Bright Side found out what types of vitamins you need and what amount of vitamins different products contain; you’ll find out how much you need to eat to get your daily amount of each vitamin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin А, also called retinol, slows down the aging process, preserves the skin elasticity, and is responsible for our ability to see in the dark. The lack of vitamin A manifests itself in brittle nails and split hair ends. The recommended amount is one mg per day.

Vitamin В2

Vitamins В2 makes our skin smooth and healthy and our hair strong and silky. The lack of the vitamin leads to anemia and the weakening of the immune system, and painful cracks around the mouth can appear. The recommended amount is 1.8 mg per day.

Vitamin С

Vitamin С is essential for the health of our bones and skin elasticity. Its lack can easily be seen in the state of one’s teeth; it first leads to the gum bleeding and then to the loss of teeth. The recommended amount is 80 mg per day.

Vitamin D

This vitamin plays an important role in the formation of our skeleton, it normalizes the work of the thyroid and sex glands. Vitamin D is also necessary for the proper work of the heart and the whole nervous system. The lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets to among children. The value of the daily nutritional norm is 2.5 mcg.


Potassium is the heart’s little helper. It’s also responsible for the reduction of water retention. The lack of this vitamin leads to swellings and cardiovascular disease. The daily norm is 2,500 mg.


Calcium is the main building component of the bones and teeth. The lack of calcium leads to “spontaneous” breaking of the bones, teeth cavities, and the destruction of the teeth. Calcium can’t be absorbed without magnesium, vitamin D, and protein. The daily norm is 1,250 mg.


Iron and protein molecules create hemoglobin. It’s responsible for the oxygen transfer in the blood. Low amounts of iron in the body leads to anemia. The daily norm is 15 mg.


Iodine is necessary for our body to make the thyroid work properly. It supports the work of all of the body systems. The recommended amount is 150 mcg per day.

Do you take any vitamin supplements? What do you think is better: taking supplements or trying to eat healthy food? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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