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Lexi and Danny Reed Talk About How They Managed to Lose 400 Pounds, Without Sugarcoating It

This story started 2 years and 400 pounds ago when happy newlyweds Lexi and Danny Reed were spending their leisure time lying on the sofa, and when each of them was consuming 8,000 calories daily. Lexi’s weight at that moment was almost 500 pounds, while Danny’s weight was almost 300 pounds. Despite being far from today’s beauty standards, they loved each other and desperately wanted to have a kid. However, those plans were not meant to be — due to their obesity, both of them had health issues that prevented them from getting pregnant. That’s when the Reeds decided to change their life and their future.

We at Bright Side admire the strong willpower of this couple and are eager to share their inspiring story with the help of photos.

Lexi and Danny were the happiest people on their wedding day and weight didn’t bother them at all.

Their life together didn’t bring any changes to their diets: they were still having lunches at cafes or ordering pizza and other junk food to their home.

Lexi and Danny never asked each other to change anything about their appearance.

But the life of the couple wasn’t that easy — due to their extra weight, the furniture at their home would constantly get broken, while going out was always coupled with judgmental looks from the people around them.

Only after several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant and visits to the doctor did Lexi and Danny decide to change their lives forever.

First of all, they changed their attitude toward food.

From now on, only dishes that they had cooked themselves appeared on their table, where the calorie content was strictly checked and followed.

They also included a lot of vegetables and fruits on their daily menu.

After changing their diet, they made a decision to start going to the gym.

Now every Reed family weekend starts with a 40-minute cardio training session.

Lexi and Danny decided that every day spent on the sofa distances them from their goal. “Get up and work out!” they say to themselves every morning.

Lexi is well aware that she has cellulite and excess skin on her sides and belly, but she loves her body because it is strong and is capable of change.

Lexi proudly admits that her body is a trophy and her skin is a battle scar.

She also remembers that she loved herself even when she weighed more than 400 pounds. She says that her love for herself was strong enough to carry her through everything, for the sake of her health and to become a better version of herself.

Not only did this couple change their appearance, but this common project also brought Lexi and Danny even closer to each other — both mentally and physically. “There was a time when Danny couldn’t even hug my waist,” Lexi recalls with a smile.

Now Lexi weighs 180 pounds and Danny weighs 190 pounds. They are not going to stop at this point, and they keep motivating each other every day and getting new results.

When Lexi and Danny are asked for advice, they say that the main thing is to be kind to yourself and appreciate all the good that you have.

Every day, these guys inspire and support the willpower of all those who’ve firmly decided to lose extra weight.

Lexi and Danny know for sure that they wouldn’t have been able to do even the tiniest part of what they did, if they didn’t support each other.

“Surround yourself with people for whom you are perfect, even if you yourself don’t see this perfection,” the Reeds bravely declare.

What is something you would like to change in your life, but you haven’t been able to take the first step?

Preview photo credit fatgirlfedup/instagram
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