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A Research Showed Chemicals in the Air Can Make Us Gain Weight

Obesity is becoming an epidemic. The average weight of women between the ages of 30 and 60 has increased by 11 lb (5 kg) in recent years. But practically no one knows that weight can be affected by sneaky artificial chemicals called obesogens. These can be found in food containers, toys, cosmetics, all kinds of plastic, and even in baby bottles. It's also present in the air —all you have to do is breathe to gain weight!

We at Bright Side are worried about chemicals’ influence on our weight and are diving deep into this study.

How these sneaky chemicals work

It might sound unbelievable, but a study found that we can gain weight just in 19 days while breathing polluted air. Pollution results in a metabolic dysfunction that can lead to obesity.

Our bodies start developing and changing thanks to signals from certain kinds of hormones. Normally, hormones help us to control how many calories we keep for energy and how many we need to burn right away.

Turns out that many of the chemicals from industry in the environment also resemble hormones. And these chemicals can provoke the same response in our body as natural hormones can. In other words, they pretty much work the same way.

Chemicals can force the body to “think” that it has to keep more fat than it actually needs. They also interfere with the process of making fat cells.

What can you do to help minimize the risk?

  1. First of all, we shouldn't live too close to factories of any kind. Many people strive to live in big cities but this is actually quite unhealthy. Now that you know the risk of living in a bustling city, you can choose to live elsewhere.
  2. Try to stick to organic foods and use natural cosmetics. Otherwise, you'll likely inhale particles of poor-quality face powder over the course of an entire day, resulting in a fat belly and even allergies.

3. There are some gadgets that produce and clean fresh air. For example, you can use Uhooair that has an accompanying app to reveal the details of the environment around you.

4. There are also gadgets like PocketLab Air that can measure the level of chemicals in the air. By knowing where the biggest dangers are, you can avoid these places.

Do you agree with this study? Have you experienced changes in body weight from environmental chemicals? Please write your opinion below!

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Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side
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