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Reddit Users Discuss Ridiculous Body Design Fails That Nature Gave Us

Even though humans are very advanced creatures, our bodies are still far from perfect. Sometimes it looks kind of funny, as if evolution has decided to mock us. Some of these “design fails” were discussed in a recent Reddit thread.

Bright Side chose the most popular answers and we believe that our bodies might need some kind of adjustment.

  • The brain knowing it’s doing wrong but still pushes itself to do it for some dopamine (the hormone of pleasure). © Jack-MYU
  • You can bite the inside of your cheeks and your tongue. And once you do, you’re resigned to it happening over and over again because it swells. © _Pokeboy_

  • Your body will do anything to keep you alive, even if it kills you. Your body has an infection, so your body heats itself up to 40°C in an attempt to kill the infection, but your body can’t survive at 40°C. © epicgamer17

  • Wisdom teeth. We don’t need them, but they cause a lot of trouble. © Chordus

  • Testicles, I understand the reason they’re not inside the body, but God, could we not have evolved some type of armor by now? © DarkJackalZero

  • There is an army of fully autonomous hunter/killer organisms inside of us that will seek out and obliterate anything harmful... that they can identify as being a foreign threat. The minor problem: when the identification goes awry and they fail to recognize a threat. When they decide a perfectly functioning internal organ is, in fact, a foreign invader. Autoimmune disorders are awful, awful things. My immune system is really quite effective, it did a scorched earth number on my own pancreas a few decades ago. © ObscureCulturalMeme

  • The breathing hole and the food hole close enough that we can suffocate while eating. © BakedBeluga

  • The retina (which has light-sensing cells) is at the back of your eye. The retina gathers information based on the light falling on it, and then sends it to the optic nerve, which, in turn, carries the information to the brain. Ideally, the optic nerves should be completely behind the retina, so that the entire back-end of your eye can be covered with light-sensing cells, and while this is true for octopuses and squids (cephalopods), we humans were just sort of unlucky with evolution in this regard. © WorldNewsModsSuck

  • The knees. For a body part that needs to endure so much stress, they are also very delicate. It’s one of the most commonly injured body parts, and it doesn’t seem to heal well without surgical intervention. Tear a meniscus? Probably going to need surgery to get part of it cut out, since most of the meniscus doesn’t have a blood supply and can’t heal itself. © DeathSpiral321

  • The skin is too vulnerable. It doesn’t keep us warm, it is scared of the sun, and it doesn’t protect us from anything. © 93195

  • Anaphylaxis. Your body will choke itself to death in an attempt to protect itself. © Yoda2000675

  • You don’t think, in a depression, that you’ve put on a gray veil and are seeing the world through the haze of a bad mood. You think that the veil has been taken away, the veil of happiness, and that now you’re seeing reality. © beautiful

  • Tinnitus. Hearing loss, sure. But a lingering constant ringing? That shouldn’t be possible. 10% of all people in the world suffer from that and there is still no cure. © arobotspointofview

  • How common it is for women to die during childbirth. I did what my hormones were begging me to do since I was 13... And you kill me for it? © xandrenia

  • The sacrum bone is just a tail leftover, it really hurts if you fall on it, and if you break it, it will be excruciating. © Prophet_B-Lymphocite

  • Teeth. Let’s make every bone in the body self-healing, EXCEPT the ones that are under constant bombardment of outside agents. Those we’ll just leave to their own devices and if they start to wither away, then oh well. © Ecto_Burger

  • The fact that since humans started walking on 2 legs a part of the female population would just straight up die during childbirth because of the stupid evolution of the hip-bone! Walking upright was just more important for evolution than the process of making new people — thanks, nature! © soho1234

  • No proper “turn off” button for pain. Like, okay, I get it, I don’t need my body to remind me something is damaged for hours. Not even mentioning chronic pain. © tipoima

What upgrade would you like for your body?

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