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She Was Cured of Advanced Cancer in Just 2 Months Without Chemotherapy, and Her Story Fills the World With Hope​

A diagnosis of terminal cancer leaves many without hope, but an innovative treatment has restored faith to doctors and, above all, to patients. After being part of an experimental clinical study, Judy Perkins was cured of breast cancer without undergoing chemotherapy, and since her recovery, many have felt encouraged by her story.

Bright Side is eager to share this good news because this discovery has changed the rules of the game on how we combat cancer.

One battle ends, another begins

In 2003, Judy Perkins, a New Yorker engineer, received unexpected news: she had breast cancer in its early stage. Soon after, she underwent a mastectomy and went back to living her regular life. However, in 2013, Judy discovered that the disease had returned, but this time, cancer had spread to metastasis.

A treatment that was off the market

Doctors put her through conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, but Judy wasn’t responding well to them. Nothing seemed to work. However, 2 years later, she had a stroke of luck. In a class on immunotherapy, she came across Stephanie Goff, a member of the National Cancer Institute. Stephanie told her that she was conducting clinical trials of pioneer cancer treatments based on immunotherapy and Judy signed up to participate in the study.

This is what the doctors did.

The doctors extracted a number of immune cells from Judy’s own body. After putting them in contact with cancerous cells, they determined which ones recognized and attacked them. Once identified, they were taken to the laboratory. Scientists kept them in the lab for a few months while the cells multiplied and strengthened their ability to attack and quickly eliminate cancer cells. Once these immune cells were strong enough, doctors injected them back into Judy’s body.

A remarkable recovery

At the beginning of the treatment, Judy felt very ill. She had severe pain, felt sick daily, suffered chills, and even felt extreme fatigue. But none of that mattered because Judy realized it was working. “I started to notice that the tumor pinching the nerve in my arm seemed to be causing me less pain,” she declared. ’’After a week or 2, it was pretty much gone.’’ The same thing happened with the one near her heart. The treatment was a success and in less than 2 months, Judy had recovered her health. She has been healthy and cancer-free since 2016.

The white coat behind the miracle

The doctor behind this game-changing therapy is Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Chief of Surgery at the National Cancer Institute, and a pioneer researcher in the field of immunotherapy. “I think it’s the most promising treatment now being explored for solving the problem of the treatment of metastatic, common cancers,” he shared. And although it may not be the solution to all cancer patients, it is an encouraging project to ensure the health of many people.

How long do you think it will take for this cure to be accessible to everyone? Do you know about other treatments different than chemotherapy that have had good results? Tell us in the comment section!