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Stress Can Give You As Many Calories As a Double Hamburger, According to Research

Money, work, and family responsibilities are the top 3 reasons why women feel stressed. A study found that this stress may be even more concerning than it seems, since it can not only affect people’s minds, but also their physical health.

Bright Side will guide you through the findings from this research, to explain why stress can help you put on weight.

How stress affects your calorie count

A group of experts from Yale University studied the relationship between stressful events and weight changes in people and discovered that the relationship wasn’t that positive. Stress and anxiety not only harm the human body, they also encourage it to gain weight uncontrollably, because it can provide as much as 300 calories, the same number of calories that a double hamburger contains.

The role of hormones

This research revealed that stress episodes spark an increase in cortisol levels. This excess of cortisol, located in both the blood and the fat storage areas, translates into the generation of around 300 calories, which is roughly the same number that a double cheeseburger has. The real issue is that stress also causes a spike in appetite that leads to overeating. The person then is not only anxious, but also gaining pound by pound consistently.

Where does this extra fat go?

This extra fat can be located in an unflattering area, especially for women. According to a study conducted by experts from Ohio State University, women who are stressed and consume high-calorie and fatty foods respond differently to how they confront calories, by storing fat around their waists. This was also confirmed by another investigation done by numerous scientists from the University of California, University of New York, and Yale University.

Stress means fewer calories burned

What’s more, this stress and high calorie food combo makes their metabolism run slower, contributing to more fat storage. This may be because women who are stressed also present higher levels of insulin, a hormone that boosts fat storage.

The investigation revealed that women who reported more stressful events, tended to burn 104 fewer calories than those who didn’t declare facing anxious situations. And although it may not seem like a lot, in the long run, doctors explain that it can add up to 11 pounds over the course of a year.

Whether it’s eating a double cheeseburger, a full pizza, or having a tough talk with your boss, these 3 situations can have harmful effects on your body. We can’t escape from our everyday responsibilities, but it’s a good idea to find a moment to relax and recharge daily. Try listening to calming music, going for a walk, exercising, or finding a new hobby to be able to perform your best the next day.

Did you think stressing had such a strong effect on your weight? What other harmful habits or situations would you say hide a strong weight-gain effect? Raise awareness in the comment section!

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