Ten tips from a personal trainer who lost 70 kg

When Joe Bernstein was just 25, he weighed 154 kg (339.8 lb). The diets didn't work. Then he let some simple habits into his life that finally led to positive changes in his appearance and his feelings about himself. Now Joe works as a personal trainer, helping people make better choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Bright Side offers you the chance to make use of the following rules to achieve great results.

That's how Joe looked before. And here you can also see the amazing results he achieved with his simple habits.

1. Stop drinking calories

This means it's better to avoid drinking soda, juice, and sweet tea. Even if it's the only habit you accept, it can help you to lose 22 kg (48.5 lb) in three months. Sometimes we don't even realize that we drink about 2,000 calories a day.

2. Forget about ready-made business lunches

...and take a nice lunch box filled with healthy homemade food to work.

3. Spend less time on the road

A bicycle will help you to save several hours of your personal time while also preserving your nerves. The spare time you get can be spent on healthy cooking and workouts.

4. Learn to cook delicious meals

...and how to take pleasure in cooking. Recipes from the Internet, cooking shows, and classes with nice people will help you to take the path of a chef.

5. Try to understand the value of natural food

It's better to choose local and fresh products which can 'revive' your taste buds and cause the body to lose weight.

6. Get a dog

An active morning walk with your four-legged friend is the best thing you can do to increase your metabolism and brain activity. It's not really necessary that you get a dog - the main thing is that you need to find a reason to walk in the morning.

7. Buy organic food

It's not about loud marketing claims such as 'GMO free' or 'organic product' - it's about a habit of choosing food of a higher quality. Yes, this food may seem expensive, but as soon as you refuse ready-made meals, your budget will get back to normal.

8. Pay attention to the quality of meat

It would be a great idea to increase the number of vegetarian lunches and dinners you eat, which means more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, crops, and legumes. If you aren't ready to refuse meat, pay attention to its quality and origin.

9. Leave the relationships that weigh you down

After breaking up with his ex-wife, Joe had to build his life anew, and it was a completely new life - a healthy and conscious one. It's not necessary to behave as radically. Everyone has a relationship it's high time to end.

10. Change yourself both physically and mentally

To not let your weight come back, it's important to do more than exercise and eat right. All of the mental work inside your head matters: from the very beginning, when you started to give up some old habits, to the moment you realized and felt your new self.

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