The 11 best YouTube workout channels that will help you get fit

The 11 best YouTube workout channels that will help you get fit

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But for many, working out at the gym can be boring, expensive, or inconvenient. If you’ve been avoiding fitness because of costs and confusion, this article is just for you. Here are some of the best YouTube fitness channels that will get you fit from your very own living room.

We at Bright Side believe that anybody can get in shape if they’re just willing to put in the time and dedication. So get off the couch and start exercising!

If you are looking to get in shape quickly, then this YouTube channel, led by certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho, is just for you. Accompanied by popular music, the routines combine elements of Pilates and aerobics that give you an amazing and highly effective workout. And one more great piece of news: all of the videos are only 5 minutes long, making them an ideal choice for those who are pressed for time.

This workout team proves that getting healthy does not necessarily mean buying expensive exercise equipment or joining a gym. In fact, you can work out anywhere — even in your office! If your exercises are getting a little boring, it’s time to subscribe to the Barstarzz channel.

Professional strongman Elliott Hulse will help you to become ’the strongest version of yourself.’ Hulse presents his trainings in an intelligent and engaging manner. For some exercises you will need extra equipment. So before starting a training session, make sure you have picked the right weights.

This resource offers wonderful online dance workouts that everybody can easily do at home. Since most of the videos are recordings of live fitness sessions, you get the feeling that you are practicing your dance moves together with other group members.

’Scooby,’ a 54-year-old engineer, proves that fitness knows no age limits. ’Home workouts do not mean easy workouts, and they can be just as effective as the gym,’ he says. This YouTube channel is a perfect place to visit if you want to get in shape but can’t afford to hire a personal trainer.

Videos made by Adriene Mishler allow you to practice yoga in the privacy of your own living room. Here you can find yoga routines that suit all moods and occasions: yoga in the workplace, yoga for headaches, and even yoga for a broken heart.

Daniel and Kally are a married couple who show that exercising together with your partner has a lot of benefits. Watching the videos, you can also see how many calories you’ve burned so far during training. This is great motivation!

This channel offers a great training program to help you get a flat stomach. You will also find some useful nutritional advice as well as expert tips to make your workout even more productive. If you’ve always dreamed of getting that washboard tummy, then you definitely need to watch these videos.

Sarah, a well-known fitness trainer and blogger, will help you become passionate about healthy living. She has been vlogging on YouTube since 2006, and her channel has lots of workout videos and healthy recipes.

Here is one more resource offering exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere. High-intensity interval trainings, which can be found here, are great for burning fat and boosting your metabolism.

If looking at the personal trainer’s fit body motivates you, choose the Tone It Up channel. Here you will also find healthy eating tips. And one more pleasant bonus: you can enjoy excellent beach views and the stunning sound of the sea waves while training

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