The French Paradox, or nine convincing reasons to fall in love with red wine

Sweet-smelling, rich in taste and color - what could be more enjoyable than a glass of red wine? For those who appreciate this fine drink, we've got some good news: experts now say that it's good for your health.

Scientists have discovered that the resveratrol contained in red wine defends our bodies against a whole number of problems. And that's not all - there are many other healthy elements contained in red wine. People living in France suffer less from oncological and cardiovascular diseases, despite the fact that their overall diet makes such diseases more likely. Experts refer to this as 'The French Paradox,' and they believe it comes down to the fact that French people consume red wine on a regular basis.

Red wine has featured in many scientific investigations, and we at Bright Side decided to gather together some of the most important results in this infographic. Take a look, and stay healthy!

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