This 5-Minute System From a Famous Athlete Works Miracles

Just 5 minutes of this daily exercise system, developed by the famous biologist and athlete J. P. Muller, will help you keep your body in perfect shape. What's more, you can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, on the beach, etc.

Today Bright Side invites you to test the incredible system for yourself. Don't forget to tell us about the results!

Lateral swings of the torso

  1. Put your feet close together, clench your hands into fists, and swing your torso from side to side. Every time your body moves to the right, bend your left hand at the elbow and raise it upward.
  2. Now repeat all this with your arms extended to the sides; then repeat with your arms extended upward, fingers intertwined.
  3. Repeat all the exercises once again, standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Fast leg movements

  1. Quickly raise and lower your right leg, then your left. Continue doing the exercise, bending your legs and bringing your knees as high up and as close to your chest as possible, without leaning forward. Your toes should be kept lowered.
  2. Kick your lower right leg backward. Change legs. Repeat. Each time, try to hit your behind with your heels. The upper parts of your legs should remain stationary and vertical.
  3. On the inhale, make some very fast and strong kicks with one leg. Then, on the exhale, do the same with your other leg. These moves should be similar to hitting a football with the tip of your foot.

Slow deep squats

  1. Stand with your legs wide apart, arms lowered. Slowly raise your arms forward until they're at shoulder level, and squat on your haunches. Throughout this exercise, your heels must stay on the ground.
  2. As in the previous exercise, do a deep uninterrupted squat. But this time keep your heels together and raised off the ground.
  3. As before, do an uninterrupted deep squat, but on one leg only. Keep alternating your legs, with feet closed and almost parallel to each other.
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