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This Little-Known Condition Endangers All Office Workers’ Health

Some may think office work is the least difficult or harmful of all. However, doctors actually say quite the opposite.

Bright Side learned some things about a serious condition that threatens office employees. Take our short test, and find out if you have reason to worry.

Gluteus medius tendinopathy, commonly known as dead butt syndrome, is a risk for people who sit for long hours. This results in the gluteus muscles forgetting they have to work at all and atrophying, distributing the workload among other body parts.

Muscle tone decreases, and pains begin in the waist, knees, and pelvis. The human body is a complex system that suffers as a whole if one part of it breaks down. The gluteus muscles serve as buffers during movement, and if they weaken, the load is distributed unevenly, which may lead to serious injuries.

To find out if you have signs of this disease, take a simple test. Rise, and lift a leg. If the hip of that leg sags, your gluteus muscles are weakened.

People who lead a primarily sedentary lifestyle should follow these recommendations:

  • rise from your chair regularly, and warm up your legs or just stand a bit;
  • go up and down the stairs for at least a couple of floors;
  • do exercises that activate the gluteus muscles, such as squats or leg stretches;
  • make a crab posture to reinforce the gluteus muscles;
  • alternately lift and lower your legs under the desk;
  • purchase a gym ball, and sit on it instead of a chair (at least at home).
Illustrated by Natalia Popova and Marat Nugumanov for Bright Side
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