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What Is a 5:2 Diet and How Can It Help You Lose Weight Easily

Diet. 4 letters and an infinite number of options throughout history. For example, in the pase people ate live tapeworms to lose weight. And then in 1925 cigarettes were promoted as appetite suppressers. A 5:2 diet isn’t associated with any health risks, and additionally it’s not like a diet in the traditional sense.

One of the reasons why we decide on food restrictions is weight loss. In 2004 Americans spent $46.3 billion to get thinner. Diets can be different and they can affect things beyond the width of your waist.

Bright Side wants to share with you a diet that can not only get rid of extra weight, but also reduce the risk of many diseases.

What is it about?

The 5:2 diet implies intermittent fasting, but don’t be afraid that you’ll be left without food at all. The principle is that we eat a normal amount of food 5 days a week, and reduce the daily number of calories on the other 2 days, to 500 for women and 600 for men.

This way the body doesn’t experience the stress of the diet all the time and doesn’t stock up on extra calories. On hungry days it burns everything that you eat on non-fasting days. Nothing is stalled, and the energy you receive during the fast is stretched for 2 days. Metabolism is accelerated and a very smooth weight loss occurs.

Pay attention on normal eating days to not overeat. You should give up baked goods, fast food, and products with a high sugar content. It’s better to give preference to zero calorie and low-fat foods. Otherwise, there will be no results.

Also be careful not to under eat. Eat as much as you want, but let it be healthy food.

Benefits of the 5:2 diet

  • There’s no strict menu. You choose what to eat. The most important thing is that on fasting days you eat a limited amount of calories.
  • No need to starve constantly and give up everything.
  • With this diet, there’s less risk of developing psychological stress due to eating restrictions.
  • Intermittent fasting has a positive effect on health. It results in the lowering of blood sugar and blood pressure and the normalization of cholesterol. This diet also helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Brain function and concentration also improve.
  • And, of course, you’ll also get rid of extra pounds.

How to follow the diet:

If you plan your menu and meal time in advance you’ll feel more confident. By preparing beforehand, work, meetings with friends, and other social activities won’t catch you off-guard.

Divide your food into 2-3 meals on fasting days. It’s better to choose 2 fasting days a week, which will alternate with non-fasting days. At least 12 hours should pass between the last meal in the evening and the first one the next day.

It’s important not to exclude whole food groups from your menu. Your body needs minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Dishes should be balanced. For fasting days, the following products will be suitable: low-fat meat and fish, egg whites, fruits with low sugar, cottage cheese, yogurt, salads, steamed and boiled meats, cereals, vegetables, and berries.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It will help you to avoid dehydration, tiredness, and headache. You can also drink herbal tea. To achieve better results, you can start an exercise routine. The main thing is to not overwork yourself on your fasting days.

If you practice the 5:2 diet for several weeks, but you’re not losing any weight, try 3 fasting days (4:3). Also, you can revise your menu on non-fasting days. If you lose enough extra weight, you can switch to a 6:1 diet and eat fewer calories only once a week. Also after achieving the desired results, you can return to your usual diet.

If it’s hard for you to eat only 500-600 calories on your fasting days, you can increase them to 800. But in this case a low-carb diet is needed for the 5 normal days. You can use an app to count the calories of the things you eat on your fasting days. Click here to find delicious food recipes for the 5:2 diet.

Before following this diet, you should consult your doctor. It can have a detrimental effect on adolescents, people who have had eating disorders, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with diabetes and chronic illnesses also need to be careful.

Are you ready to try the 5:2 diet? Or maybe you already have a lot of experience in this field and you know about some other useful diets? Tell us in the comments.

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