What the Acne Map Is and How It Can Help You Get Rid of Health Problems

What the Acne Map Is and How It Can Help You Get Rid of Health Problems

There are a lot of factors that can cause acne, and some of them are inside our bodies. Some western dermatologists think that acne in certain facial skin areas may be caused by a number of possible underlying reasons. For example, hormonal problems often lead to breakouts in the jaw and chin area. Recent studies also showed that gut health may be one of the reasons for acne.

We at Bright Side have collected the major causes of acne based on breakouts in different facial zones.

Zone 1: Forehead

Pimples on the forehead can be a result of major stress or an inconsistent sleep schedule. They also show that you have digestive problems such as a high-residue diet. The other possibility is liver problems.

Zone 2: Jaw and chin

Jaw and chin acne is almost always hormonal acne. It means that you have to check your hormone levels. These types of blemishes can be a result of an excessive level of androgen (male hormone). Hormonal acne is also typical during a woman's period.

Zone 3: Edges of your face

Hormonal problems can also be the reason for breakouts along the hairline and near the ears. The other possible cause of this type of acne can be clogged or irritated pores. You might want to check the formula of your favorite makeup, skincare or shampoo. Try to use natural, organic beauty products to see if there are any improvements on your face.

Zone 4: Cheeks

Blemishes on the cheeks can be caused by a high consumption of sugar. Try to limit your daily intake of sugar including processed sugar. That is just one more reason to switch to a more healthy diet.

This area is also connected to your lungs. Acne on the cheeks can be a result of certain respiratory problems.

The other possible reason for cheek breakouts is from using your phone. Phone screens actually contain a lot of bacteria which get transferred to your face when you speak on the phone. Don't forget to clean your screen with disinfectant wipes from time to time.

Zone 5: In between the brows

If you break out between the brows it can be due to liver problems. The liver has a lot of functions and it plays an important role in the digestive system and metabolism. Acne between the brows means that your diet is unhealthy and consists of greasy foods.

Zone 6. Tips and sides of the nose and upper lip

Acne on the nose indicates that you eat too much spicy, salty, and oily foods. Try to reduce the amount of these types of foods. Also, pay attention to your heart health and blood pressure.

Acne on the upper lip and nose tip can be the result of heart, spleen or lungs problems.

Now that you know all the secrets of acne mapping, you can see if your body is trying to tell you that something is going wrong. Let us know if any of these facts match your own experience in the comments below!

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