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What the Shape of Your Buttocks Reveals About Your Health


Many studies find that where we carry the most fat (including on the butt) can predict the state of your heart and vessels. Women who are overweight in their “middle area” are at a higher risk for things like high blood pressure or stroke. So it means that your booty can indicate many things about your health.

We at Bright Side knew that were 4 types of buttocks, but it turns out that these 4 types can also signal what health problems you have.

Your buttocks have a square shape

This shape of buttocks has fat storage around the love handles. This might mean that you don’t exercise enough or you picked the wrong program for your training that isn’t helping you to burn fat in difficult places. Also, it may be caused by a hormone which is called cortisol that can provoke sleep problems.

Square-shaped people usually have good metabolism and gain weight proportionally.


  1. Count your calories, but there is no need to be on a strict diet.
  2. It is better to pay attention to your shoulders and thighs. It will help you to get desirable curves for women and to not bulk up for men. Planks are a good exercise for you.

You have heart-shaped buttocks

This shape is marked by the bigger part at the bottom, wide hips, and a thin waist. People who have this buttock shape tend to lose fat easily, but when they gain, fat goes to their mid-sections.

If your thighs and hips have gotten too big because of fat, it may indicate that you’re on the wrong diet, that your activity levels are too low, and that you’re under a lot of stress. For both men and women, it can signal that there is excessive consumption of alcohol. If you carry extra weight in your hips, it may increase your risk of osteoarthritis and cellulite.


  1. Reconsider your diet. Consume more protein, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Concentrate on training the lower part of your body. Running and walking can be very useful for you.

Your shape is an inverted triangle

With age, the fat from our butt starts to move to other parts of the body. This can happen because of low estrogen levels. It can lead to heart problems, depression, weak bones, risks of urinary infections, and weight gain.


  1. Maintain your diet.
  2. Protect your heart from fat. Do exercise regularly.
  3. Consult with a specialist (your doctor) about which kind of training is the most suitable for you.

Your buttocks are round-shaped

This is the shape of a healthy person. Everything is proportional. If you develop the wrong lifestyle, fat can get stuck in the glutes, so it is better to control your health so you don’t lose your perfect shape.


Consume calories according to your body weight and don’t forget about physical training.

What a flat butt is trying to tell you

If you have flat buttocks, you are probably suffering from “dead butt syndrome.” Reality forces us to spend plenty of time sitting: in the office, in front of the TV, while commuting. It causes our butt have gluteal amnesia.

Our muscles there simply forget their main purpose and stop keeping the body in proper shape.


  1. Stretch.
  2. Do squats. No need to go to the gym. You can take a small break in the office or do it in front of the TV at home.
  3. Walk more.

Do you think “dead butt syndrome” is something that is caused by our modern times? How often do you train to keep yourself in shape? Please share your comments with us below!

Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for Bright Side
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