Which Parts of Your Body Will Get More Fit Depending on the Kind of Exercise You Choose

Which Parts of Your Body Will Get More Fit Depending on the Kind of Exercise You Choose

Our body shape depends a lot on our genetics. But picking a certain type of exercise can help you to balance all the parts of your body. If you tend to have a lot of fat in your thighs, swimming probably won’t be a good solution. In this article, you can find the most popular types of exercise and see how they influence our bodies.

We at Bright Side respect each kind of sport and want to share with you some facts that can help you to build the perfect shape.

1. Walking

If you decide to pick walking, your legs will lose fat very fast. This sport will make your body lean with a well-defined booty. At the same time, your shoulders will also lose fat, but they are not going to get bigger and wider.

The main muscles involved: Legs and arms

2. Yoga

Yoga is a good sport for losing fat proportionally. It builds flexibility that leads to a lean and long beautiful body. You are going to lose fat faster in your shoulders and legs, but still, everything depends on how often you exercise.

The main muscles involved: Shoulder girdle, deep-core muscles of the torso, and legs

3. Tennis

This kind of sport is very active and will make you lose lots of fat all over your body. Body fat levels of people who play tennis regularly are around 16 to 18%. This is quite a bit lower than the average person, who has 25% body fat. But at the same time, it makes your shoulders grow and your thighs become narrow. So if you want to have a more feminine body shape, yoga might be a better choice.

The main muscles involved: Thighs, shoulders, arms

4. Swimming

It is notable that swimmers and divers, in general, tend to have a higher percentage of body fat than other athletes. If you have lots of fat in the upper part of your body, swimming can be a good solution. At the same time, you lose it fast, but you gain muscle too, so your shoulders and chest can become very broad.

The main muscles involved: Chest, arms, upper back

5. Gymnastics

Most female gymnasts are narrow, short, and compact in general, and the men are more V-shaped, because of their extremely muscular upper bodies. They don’t have to be super skinny, but their legs and arms are super fit. Besides, you need to be very flexible like in yoga and it helps your whole body to look proportional.

The main muscles involved: Legs, arms, torso

6. Cycling

Your legs and buttocks will be the most active part of the body if you decide to pick cycling. You will lose fat and gain muscle there very fast. Cyclists body fat range is from 6-11% for men and 12-16% for women. Also, they tend to have narrow shoulders.

The main muscles involved: Legs, buttocks

7. Running

Runners have low body fat. It is approximately 7% on average. Legs and thighs are the first body parts that start to gain a more athletic shape. Moreover, there is a big bonus that makes you even healthier. Runners use a huge amount of oxygen, so their blood capillary network is well-developed. However, the upper body is not as developed.

The main muscles involved: Thighs, calves

Which sport do you like the most? Do you prefer to stick to one kind of sport or to combine several? Please share your stories and photos showing excellent results with us in the comments.

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