10 Insignificant Signs Saying It’s High Time for You to See a Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is a doctor that is usually viewed with a little mistrust because they are thought to be a more abstract doctor and people think that seeing them is required only in extreme cases. In reality, there is little difference between their work and the work of an ordinary doctor. People visit psychotherapists when they have issues. The therapist helps to solve them and significantly improves the life of their patients. But how do you know that you're at the point of needing to see this doctor for 'healing' your soul and how do you spot it?

Bright Side has collected the 10 most popular signs, based on The Huffington Post's article, that mean you might need to see a psychotherapist.

"Things are fine on my end, but every morning I wake up I feel like hanging myself."

Sometimes people have a condition that feels as if some terrible event has been erased from their memory, but the feelings are still there. As a result, people have good memories but, due to unknown reasons, they are in a complete melancholy followed by irritability, constant apathy, and incomprehensible depression. Your feelings never lie - if it seems that you've been feeling bad for a long time - it's not an illusion. The main question here is why and where did this feeling come from?

A psychotherapist will definitely help you find out what the problem is. The reasons can be different - from a depression that has started unnoticeably, to the symptoms of a serious illnesses. It can also be that irritability, in your case, is an absolutely healthy reaction and it's you who doesn't realize the true situation surrounding you.

"I feel as if I'm doing things wrong and living a life that is not mine."

Your second half is not your second half; you specialized in the wrong thing and your real potential lies in some other field, and this grey and depressing city is not the place where you are meant to be! It all seems like an unfortunate alternative version of your present life.

All these things are not without reason. The most obvious reason lies in your upbringing and hopes that were ingrained in you by your parents. Anyway, a doctor can give you a better explanation about what's happening.

"I feel as if I'm walking in a circle and keep making the same mistakes."

You get tired of your friends from time to time, you can't hold a job at one place for long, and you have the same problems with all of your bosses and colleagues. The conflicts are always the same and your romantic relationships always follow the same tragic scenario. Boredom. Is it your destiny?

No. One of the reasons may be a self-defense of the psyche, which is trying to displace traumatic experiences from your consciousness. You don't realize they're there and every time you encounter them, it seems to be the first time. A person can't cope with all these emotions themselves which is why a psychotherapist will be of great help.

"I keep having constant head/stomachaches but no doctor can find the reason for this problem."

No wonder it's said that all diseases come from nerves. Year after year, numerous studies confirm that stress can manifest itself in the form of a wide range of physical ailments - from chronic indigestion to headaches to frequent colds and even a decrease in the sex drive. So, if you aren't happy with the treatment of your disease and no doctor can tell you what's wrong with you, then it's time to check the head - the answers are there.

"I can't fight procrastination."

Note: procrastination is not a problem, it's a symptom (of course, we are not talking about normal laziness). Time management, strong willpower, and various trainings are not going to help here. Procrastination can be a sign of something serious, starting with the lack of faith in your own success (which you may not even suspect) and ending with the mistakes of your parents.

"I hate my appearance."

Self-criticism and the desire to change for the better are actually good things. However, if your surroundings put a lot of emphasis on your appearance but you are always dissatisfied with it, or if you keep thinking that if a bit of you gets changed then your life will be better, this is a psychological issue. It means that there is probably some other person to be blamed for the appearance of all of these complexes. But who? Where? And when did it happen?

"I always feel guilty."

You are as soft as a marshmallow and it's easy to convince you that you are wrong. You keep apologizing all the time. You keep feeling that you are doing something wrong. Perhaps you are not even realizing that you regularly have these kinds of feelings inside you. This isn't the way it should be. A psychotherapist is there to help.

"I keep getting involved in painful relationships."

The same type of men/women, the same type of conflicts, the loss of interest, boredom, unrealized hopes - all these horrible things keep happening in your personal life again and again. It's likely that the problem was derived from your parents. But which problem? There can be millions of variants and a doctor will help you to spot the one that is yours.

"I always feel nervous before interacting with people."

Your hands keep trembling every time you are on the way to a serious meeting. They keep trembling before a date, a meeting with friends, your boss, etc. Not only is it a sign of a shy and sensitive person but also a clear complex that has settled in your head. Do you know who can help? Bingo! A psychotherapist.

"My friends keep complaining about me."

You keep losing your friends, becoming estranged from close ones, some acquainted people abruptly stop communicating with you, answering your calls and messages, and inviting you to get-togethers. All of these can be a sign that you have exceeded the limit of their patient and friendly support and that you have a problem that you yourself absolutely don't notice. If your surroundings keep hinting at this problem, then it's the right time to talk to the one who can help figure your behavior out.

The last but not least

We all may get these and other similar symptoms from time to time. If you are feeling down this evening, if you have a headache, if you don't like your reflection in the mirror, or if your best friend didn't answer your message, it doesn't mean that you should rush to the doctor. The symptoms should alert you only if they are there for a long time and if they make your life harder. If they don't harm you or your loved ones, then those are not problems at all.

If you are still hesitating as to whether you should see a psychotherapist or not, we recommend that you take this interesting test from Psychcentral. Take care and smile!

Have you ever encountered any of these signs in yourself or in your surroundings? How did you find the way out? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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