10 Signs That Your Friend Sees You as Something More...Much More

Our friends are usually some of our closest people in the world. And you can suddenly fall in love with your friend and be afraid that it's not mutual. But sometimes friends fall in love with us too.

Bright Side shares some facts you should pay attention to if you want to know how your friend really feels about you.

10. Help

A friend will always help, and there's no doubt about that. But if they leave their girlfriend, work, or friends to help you, their feelings are probably going beyond friendship.

9. Presents

Friends give small presents for no reason. A person who is in love wants to impress you and buys the expensive things you've always been dreaming of.

8. Shopping

If a guy's ready to go shopping with you all day long, he probably wants to impress you with his dedication. But friends always say if they are getting tired.

7. Talking about other men

Friends are always ready to support you during your darkest hour. But they'll stay objective. A loving man will always take your side.

6. Too much attention

Our friends have their own friends with whom they want to spend time. A person who loves you will always prefer to stay with you.

5. Apology

Good people give an apology if they hurt us. A loving person will fall on their knees begging for forgiveness because they're afraid to lose your trust.

4. Their behavior if they're drunk

Alcohol makes everything look easier. That's why a loving man can blurt out his secret.

3. Meeting other women

A man who loves you will always refuse your offers to introduce him to any other woman.

2. Attention to your partner

If a guy draws your attention to your boyfriend's drawbacks, he probably wants to get rid of him and replace him.

1. Memory

Any person can forget about any of your stories. But the one who loves you will always remember everything you say.

Have you ever managed to escape the friend zone or found out that your friend was secretly in love with you? Share your experience in the comments!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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