10 tips to master the art of reverse psychology

10 tips to master the art of reverse psychology

Reverse psychology is an effective method you can use for making others do or say what you want. You simply tell them the exact opposite of what is desired. Sounds tempting, right?

We at Bright Side gathered 10 tips to help you master this technique. And whatever you do, please, don't like this article and don't share it either.

  • This method is more effective with people who are resistant by nature and hate being told what to do.
  • Emotional, over-confident, and irritable people are also susceptible to reverse psychology.
  • Challenge the other person, insisting on an argument contrary to what you want to achieve. Try to make the person think they're making their own decision.
  • Keep calm while you're using reverse psychology, especially if you use it on children.
  • Make sure you keep your end goal in mind.
  • Say the opposite thing of what you really want, and keep your voice in an even tone.
  • When trying to attract someone who only wants to be friends, tell them that you agree and want nothing but their friendship.
  • You can also use it as a challenge: 'I bet you can't arrive on time!'
  • Make sure it sounds convincing, and practice it beforehand.
  • Be careful who you use this technique on, and avoid using this method in serious situations. Reverse psychology can backfire if not used correctly, so never take it too far or overuse it, or you will quickly become known as a manipulator.

Finally, we invite you to watch the following video where you can see reverse psychology in its purest form.

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