11 Powers of People Who Love Staying Single

Relationship patterns have changed: girls aren’t waiting for their Prince Charming anymore and men aren’t in a rush to settle down. More and more people deliberately decide to stay single and feel happy with this status. And psychologists say they’re not wrong: being single can bring numerous benefits from better health to feeling more fulfilled in life.

Bright Side understands that staying single may be frustrating for some people, so we came up with a list of “secret powers” that will help you embrace and enjoy this stage of your life.

1. They experience negative emotions less often.

Single people are self-sufficient: they rely on themselves and have learned how to deal with their problems on their own. And this quality contributes to their level of happiness: psychologists believe that single people with a strong sense of identity and personal mastery are less likely to experience negative emotions. Surprisingly, for married couples the result is the opposite: the more independent and self-sufficient the partners are, the more likely they’ll have to deal with negativity.

2. They find new opportunities everywhere.

Single people haven’t settled, so they’re more open-minded and aren’t tied down to one place. They’re more likely to travel the world and engage in new experiences. Single people show higher levels of creativity and have time to concentrate on their own personal growth. So they don’t see limits for their personal development and are rarely held back when it comes to new opportunities. They know it’s better to find their true selves while they are single, so if they decide to enter a romantic relationship, they’ll have a lot to bring to the table.

3. They’ve mastered the art of self-love.

Being single doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Some people said that spending time on their own has helped them to understand who they truly are and finally fall in love with themselves. It makes them more comfortable in their own skin and brings a level of understanding that no one can make you completely happy. They have enough inner resources to work on themselves and try to become the person they want to be.

4. They’re successful in their careers.

Single people have more time and energy to focus on building a successful career. They’re also more likely to take part in different social organizations, like professional societies and clubs, and do charitable work. Networking helps them build numerous social connections and opens up new opportunities for professional growth. They also acquire new skills that contribute to their professional growth and look good on their resume.

5. They don’t care about material things very much.

While married people see high income as one of the most significant factors when looking for a job (especially when children are involved), single people don’t pay too much attention to the material side of things. They are more likely to be motivated by doing meaningful work that inspires them. They may sacrifice a secure job with a stable paycheck when pursuing a career that actually brings them satisfaction.

6. They are healthier.

It turns out that being single may bring numerous health benefits that are connected to a person’s lifestyle. The study shows that single people exercise more often in comparison with divorced and married people. Some psychologists suggest that single women are generally healthier than married women: they take fewer days off and rarely visit doctors. There may even be a connection between having a lower risk for heart disease and being a bachelor in men.

7. They have a wide circle of friends.

It’s not all about having enough time to hang out with other people. Single people put more effort into making relationships with their friends work. They’re more attentive and are likely to maintain closer, long-term relationships with people in their lives. Single people also prefer staying connected with their family and are more likely to communicate with their siblings in their adult life.

8. They know what they want.

Single people aren’t afraid to be by themselves and don’t rush into relationships. They know what they deserve and aren’t ready to settle for less. They avoid unsatisfying relationships that will only bring anxiety and stress into their lives. They have high standards and are willing to wait for the person who will be right for them.

9. They believe in themselves.

Single people know they can rely on their friends and family, but most accomplishments they’ve made in their adult life became possible because of their dedication and hard work. They know what they’re capable of and can build their life without looking for other people’s approval. They put themselves first and concentrate on following their passions until they find the person they’d want to be with.

10. They know how to entertain and take care of themselves.

People often grow apart when they get older and one of the reasons for this is getting into a committed relationship. Single people realize that their friends may not always be available to keep them company, so they learn how to be comfortable with themselves and find ways to enjoy their own company. Having hobbies, traveling, or making new friends are some ways that they have fun.

11. They’re more optimistic.

Single people are more likely to have a positive outlook on life and be able to find a silver lining in any situation. One study even showed that single women with no children are more optimistic in comparison to other groups of women. While the results seem to be quite controversial, psychologists believe that single people make the most out of their optimism: it contributes to their level of happiness way more than it does among married people.

Have you ever enjoyed being single? What benefits did it bring to you? Share your experience in the comments.

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Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side
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