11 True Facts About Men That They Hide From Others

There are many facts about men that statistics don't tell us. On average, women live longer than men all over the world, men spend about a year of their lives looking at women, and they lie twice as often as women. In this article, we figured out what is true and what is false.

We at Bright Side decided to tell you about 11 interesting facts. We hope you'll like them.

11. Men see nightmares as disasters.

Death, health issues, and personal threats are common topics of nightmares for everyone. But scientists from the University of Montreal conducted a study of more than 10,000 dreams and established that there are some differences between what men and women most often see in their nightmares.

Men wake up from nightmares in which they see large-scale disasters, floods, earthquakes, and wars with a feeling of horror. Interpersonal conflicts in nightmares occur in women's dreams twice as often as in men's.

10. Men bend over to pick up an object.

Have you ever noticed that men pick up a fallen object by bending over it while women squat? Of course, not everyone does it this way, but this behavior is typical for most people.

Perhaps this is because women often wear uncomfortable clothes (short or tight), which means they have to squat. Men are less likely to be restrained by clothing, so they can easily bend over.

9. Men like women with a healthy weight.

Blanca Ortega-Roldán Oliva from the University of Granada proved in her research that men prefer slim women who look healthy. We don't mean those who don't cough or have a fever but those whose weight looks healthy.

This means that men are attracted not by some mythical ideal of beauty or girls of exclusively model appearance who weigh the same as a feather but by women whose weight and growth are correlated normally.

8. Men are trying to attract the attention of a girl if they keep their thumbs on their belt.

When a man wants to show a woman that he is interested in her, he involuntarily takes a pose that demonstrates that he is courageous and strong. Usually, a man holds his thumbs hooked to the belt of his pants.

A similar ritual appeared in ancient times when there were no belts or pants in existence. Males trying to win a female pointedly gestured to their crotch. Nowadays, such a gesture would be indecent, but we still have its echoes: when a guy holds his hands on the belt, his hands still point to his crotch.

7. Men prefer compliments from other men.

There is an opinion that men accept compliments from the opposite sex with pleasure. But, in fact, they are more pleased with compliments from men. And sexual orientation does not matter here.

Robert Herbert from Binghamton University proved that people accept compliments "smoothly" and give thanks for them only in 30% of the time. And in the case of a man receiving a compliment from another man, it will likely be perceived as something pleasant and increase his self-esteem.

6. Men are friends through their interests.

Ronald E Riggio, PhD, wrote an article that analyzed the research on friendship among women and men. As a result, he came to the conclusion that friendship between men is mainly based on common interests. They prefer to play football, golf, tennis, or poker or watch the matches of their favorite team together with their friends.

Female friendship is mostly based on emotions and support. Women choose friends who are "emotionally united" with them.

5. Men eat twice as much when they are with women.

It might seem strange but it is a fact: men eat more when they have lunch or dinner with a woman. For example, they eat 93% more pizza and 86% more salad than they would eat in the company of men.

Kevin Kniffin, PhD, of Cornell University, came to this conclusion during his research. In his opinion, men do it in order to impress women. It might seem silly, but these are, once again, instincts.

4. Men prefer looser clothes with age.

The clothes we wear affect the way we feel. Moreover, clothes affect the way surrounding people perceive us. That's why a man in a suit feels more confident at a business meeting.

However, preferences in clothes change with age. For example, many young guys wear tight pants or shorts, although, perhaps, it is not so comfortable. With age, the desire to be fashionable is replaced by the desire to wear comfortable things. Therefore, men often switch to a looser cut of pants or shorts.

3. The lifestyle of a man largely depends on IQ.

A group of scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm showed in their study that the IQ level of a man often influences his way of life. In particular, whether he abuses alcohol or not. For this purpose, specialists studied the data of almost 50,000 Swedes born between 1949 and 1951.

According to the researchers, men with a lower IQ often drink too much. But it is outlined that this fact can be caused not only by IQ as men who abuse alcohol also often had emotional problems.

Nevertheless, scientists believe that a higher level of intelligence leads to a healthier lifestyle.

2. Men lie twice as often as women.

The average man lies to his colleagues, boss, or partner 6 times a day while women only do it about 3 times a day. A survey carried out by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 2009 before the release of the TV series Lie to Me helped to discover this fact.

It turned out that men lie twice as often as women, and the most common lying phrase is "It's OK. I'm fine."

1. Men stare at women for almost a year of their life.

A man spends about 43 minutes a day looking at 10 different women. This amounts to 259 hours (or almost 11 days) each year. As a result, between the ages of 18 and 50, men spend 11 months and 11 days admiring girls.

Women in their turn look at men only for 20 minutes a day. Between the ages of 18 and 50, they spend only 6 months on this activity.

Such figures were received by employees of Kodak Lens Vision Centers, which held a survey among 3,000 people.They also found out that the most suitable places to gaze at strangers of the opposite sex are supermarkets, pubs, and nightclubs.

Which facts about men would you add to this list based on your experience? Please tell us about them in the comments.

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