11 Types of People to Avoid If You Want a Happy Relationship

There are some people who can't build a healthy relationship, and they are very difficult to live with.

Bright Side wants to show you the types of people that will never make you happy.

11. Chronic critics

These people like absolutely nothing about you, beginning with your manners and ending with what you wear. They always try to point out your imperfections and change you. These "critics" often think they take care of you, but, as a rule, such relations are no good for either of you.

10. Morbidly jealous people

Life with a jealous person can resemble an Italian soap opera. However, when your partner is jealous of your friends, colleagues, family, or past partners, it's no good. No one wants to become crazy because of constant jealousy, right?

9. Liars

Liars start cheating from the very first date, and they almost never stop. They not only whitewash events in their lives but completely change them along with personal facts. Such a person doesn't trust you, and there will be no future for a relationship without mutual trust.

8. Kings and queens of drama

Everything is a tragedy for such people. They are sure the whole world is against them: their colleagues, their beloved ones, and their family. You should just decide if you really want to calm down, patronize, and comfort such a person throughout your life.

7. Kidults

Kidults never take any decisions, and they have a habit of putting responsibility on their partner's shoulders. They need a "daddy" or a "mommy" to patronize their every action. Think twice before taking on such a role.

6. Work addicts

People who value their work more than you are never trustworthy partners. At first, you might be even proud of such a hard-working person. But it is really doubtful that rare dates and too little time spent together will be enough for you on a regular basis.

5. "Oil and vinegar" people

Different people attract each other, and it is interesting for them to be together. However, when the differences are global and people can't find anything in common, they spend time quarreling. This can concern even such a trifle as plans for how to spend your free time.

4. Mercenary people

Mercenary people first ingratiate themselves with your trust, and then they start using it. In time, they start feeling a "temporary" financial instability...which lasts forever. As a rule, their partners must help them as soon as possible, spend all their money, and solve all their problems.

3. Addicts

This point concerns drug addicts, alcohol abusers, etc. These people do not reject their addictions even for the sake of their beloved ones. Addictions ruin families, let alone ordinary couples.

2. Selfish people

Selfish people do not simply love themselves – they forget about others and think it's OK. Sometimes such partners even forget to ask you about your day, so why should they take care of you?

1. "Conquerors"

These people don't know what "private space" means. They want to be near all the time and check your every call or website you visit. Even if you like to watch adult movies, being an adult, it is not your own business. Such people always have a reason to bite your head off. Do you really need a "conqueror" in your private space? We all have the right to have something personal.

Have you ever dated any of these types? Share your experience in the comments!

Illustrated by Natalia Popova for Bright Side
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