12 Tricks Your Own Brain Plays on You

Many think that our brain is a perfect machine that never malfunctions. However, it has its own bugs, which are called cognitive biases.

We at Bright Side became enthralled by this topic and decided to find some of the most interesting brain traps everyone has fallen into at least once. Also, scroll to the end of the article to learn if you're easy to trick!


  • 2 crocodiles. It’s more likely that you’re always trying to keep the situation under control and be in charge of everything. However, you are not a brutal tyrant but rather an attentive manager, chief, or leader.
  • A bird. Perhaps you don’t mind being led through steep and toilsome ways of this life to the stars. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own opinion, but you yield to others and try to make a compromise quite often. That’s why you are so frank and sociable.
Preview image credit: Astkhik Rakimova for Bright Side
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