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13 Overheard Stories Proving That Anyone Can Do Good Things

13 Overheard Stories Proving That Anyone Can Do Good Things


To make this world better, it is not necessary to be a rich person giving millions to charity. Sometimes it is enough to do little things: feed a hungry dog, help an old man carrying heavy bags, or just smile at someone.

Bright Side collected 13 stories proving that doing good things and turning this world into a better place is much easier than we used to think.

  • Once I saw a guy begging his wife to let him buy himself a kebab. She kept saying no, but when she turned her head away, another guy gave him a bite of his kebab. That's what I call solidarity among men.
  • Today I donated blood. When I was on the bus, I suddenly felt unwell and fainted. All the passengers helped to revive me. On top of that, the driver changed the route and took me to the hospital without charging me anything. My phone and money fell out of my hands, and the passengers returned everything to me. It's such a pity I didn't have a chance to say thank you to all of them.
  • In McDonald's a man came up to me and mumbled, "Could you please share your food with me? I haven't eaten anything for 3 days. I can pay you back later." He took my phone number. After a couple of days, I received $20 on my phone account and a text saying, "I promised..."
  • A few days ago, I was in a shop buying ice cream. At the cashier's desk, I saw 3 little kids. They wanted to get some popsicles, but they didn't have enough money. I gave them a few bucks. I wish you had seen their sparkling eyes!
  • A woman in a shop forgot a bag of Oreos at the cashier's desk right in front of me. I was so tempted to keep it for myself, but I resisted. I ran after the lady and gave her the bag. Can you imagine anything like that? Giving a bag of Oreos to somebody you don't even know! Insane!
  • I didn't sleep for 2 days when I was writing reports for my job. Yesterday I fell asleep at work and woke up at home. My boss had called my husband to come and pick me up, and he gave me 2 days off.
  • It's my day today. And it's not my birthday. It's the day when my parents adopted me. I am already 21, and today my husband and I adopted a girl from the same orphanage. Now we have our day on one and the same day.
  • I was running late for my first exam. My professor was very strict: if you were late, you failed automatically. I was rushing to the bus stop, and suddenly a policeman stopped me. I was crossing the road at an inappropriate place. I started crying and told him my story. He said emotionlessly, "Sit in the car, please." I got into the car, and he smiled at me and asked where I needed to go. He gave me a ride with the emergency lights on.
  • A week ago, I was on the bus. All the seats were taken. At one stop, a girl got on. The heels of her shoes were about 4 inches high. I know myself how hard it is to stand in a moving vehicle in heels like those. I offered her my seat. The girl smiled and thanked me. I'd forgotten about the whole thing, but today I had to stand on a bus wearing high heels myself. Another understanding girl offered me her seat.
  • Today in the grocery store I saw an old man who had a bottle of milk in one hand and was counting coins with his other hand. It seemed like he didn't have enough money to buy the milk. A guy came up behind him, dropped a $10 bill on the floor, and said to the old man, "I think you dropped something." Then he just walked away.
  • A homeless guy came up to me on the street and asked for some money to buy food for his friend. I didn't give him any money but bought him a sandwich, and I decided to watch him a little. He turned around the corner, took a bite, and gave the rest to a dog with an injured paw.
  • I am a teacher in a middle school. One day I saw that my students went somewhere behind the school during their break. I thought they might be smoking, and I decided to watch them. I saw a shocking scene. The guys brought clothes and food to a homeless man that normally wandered around outside the school. It appeared that they'd spent their allowances to help the man. A week ago, we asked the principal to hire the man as a security guard for our school. Now he has a job and a place to live.
  • I got my pay check, and I took a little money to buy a bottle of water. When I was paying with a $10 bill, I saw that something was written on it. I paid with another bill and put that one in my pocket. Later I read what was written there: "If you see a man in need, give him this bill. He needs it more than you do. Do something good." Yesterday I was standing at a bus stop when a man came up to me and asked for some money to buy bread. I took that bill and gave it to him. He was so touched. After that, I took another $10 bill and wrote on it as follows: "If you see a man in need, give him this bill. He needs it more than you do. Do something good." I hope there will be one more happy person.
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