11 Examples That Reveal the Essence of Male and Female Logic

Men and women see this world differently, and that’s why we have trouble understanding each other.

Bright Side collected a few funny examples of the differences in male and female attitudes toward similar situations.

1. How they see a spider

2. How they see a family

3. How they take photos

4. How they see happiness

5. How they see a good reason to do some clothes shopping

6. How they see an unread message

7. How they see pain

8. How they see a vacation

9. How they see football

10. How they see a nice purchase

11. How they see a tasty dinner

Of course, we’re all different yet similar in some little things. You probably have your own views on these things. Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit ghanacelebrities.com, nasa.gov
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