15 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be 30 Than 20

We here at Bright Side believe that life is just beginning after you turn 40. Here are 15 powerful arguments to prove that getting older is amazingly awesome.

You no longer have to hide your weird habits and hobbies

The list of people whose opinion matters to me now

How I feel when someone younger asks me for advice

That’s how much I care about extra pounds

You don’t need to freeze in winter to prove you’re cool

I finally got rid of all my silly hangups and love myself for who I am

I can go to bed as late as I want...even at 9:45 PM

I’m keeping up with all technical innovations and using the latest gadgets like a pro

The music of my youth is far superior to today’s hits. End of story.

I don’t mind noisy kids playing ball in my back yard

When someone asks if I want to go clubbing

When my younger friends worry about their studies

This is how I react to people I have no interest in

Each birthday is a real hoot

After all, I like jokes about aging

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