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5 Everyday Habits That Give Away Everything About Us

Scientists researching human behavior say there's a direct connection between a person's character and their habitual actions.

Bright Side found 5 examples of how everyday routines can tell others lots of things about us.

Food habits

Our perception of life is expressed through our eating habits. So if you:

  • eat slowly and thoughtfully, you're able to appreciate life and are used to keeping everything under control.
  • eat quickly, you're purposeful, impatient, ambitious, and open to everything new.
  • like trying new dishes, you love risk and adventures.
  • are fastidious with what you eat, you are nervous and prone to anxiety.
  • mix your food, you're responsible but often mess up your priorities. You're also able to multitask.
  • divide foods on your plate and eat each part separately, you're used to thoroughly planning your life and have difficulty adapting to new circumstances.

A cup

There is an opinion that a person's character is uncovered by how they hold a cup. Therefore, if you:

  • look into the cup, you're thoughtful and determined.
  • look over the edge of the cup, you're trusting, carefree, and used to relying on others' opinions.


Your choice between a bath and a shower, as well as your behavior while taking it, may speak volumes. If you:

  • love to take a lengthy bath, you're hard to throw off balance. You're calm and reserved and also quite easygoing.
  • combine showering with brushing your teeth, you're good at multitasking yet impatient. You're also good at winning over your rivals.
  • sing in the shower, you're confident, sociable, and have a lot of friends.
  • take a shower quickly, you're caring and put others' interests above your own.
  • use a sponge every time, you're thorough and reliable even in trivial situations.
  • take a very cold shower, you're easily agitated and like to prove your point.
  • like to daydream when showering, your artistic sense is well developed, as is your sense of humor.


The way a person likes to spend their free time speaks of their ability to communicate. If you prefer:

  • reading books, you're compassionate and understanding.
  • watching TV or playing video games, you find it difficult to accept opinions different from yours.

Toilet paper

According to recent studies, your character is expressed even in the way you hang the toilet paper roll. If you:

  • roll over, you're dominant in your relationships and have developed leadership qualities.
  • roll under, you prefer being led in a relationship.
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