5 Poses to Overcome Stress in 2 Minutes

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy says that our gestures determine what people think about us. Moreover, they also affect our self-confidence. It turns out there are postures that may help us orient our brain to victory!

The Bright Side team is eager to show you which postures to take for two minutes only to reduce stress and make yourself believe in success.

Body language influences such important situations in our lives as promotions, job interviews, or speaking in public. Our gestures and poses influence our mind as well. Animals tend to take more space to show they're strong. The same works with people: we open up when feeling confident and close up when feeling powerless.

Our mind influences our body. Powerful people are more optimistic and self-confident, they take risks more often, and they don't doubt they'll win. Strong people have a high level of testosterone (the hormone of leadership) and a low level of cortisol (the stress hormone). This means they're more stress-resistant.

Amy Cuddy conducted two experiments where one group took powerful postures and the other, powerless. The first experiment proved that powerful poses raise testosterone by 20% and reduce cortisol by 25%. The other showed that employers choose applicants who took powerful postures before the interview.

Can we use this in real life? This is what Amy advises doing before an important meeting: when you have to face a stressful situation, stay alone (in a bathroom, elevator, empty room) and take a powerful posture for two minutes.

Our body changes our consciousness, our consciousness changes our behavior, and our behavior can influence the outcome of a situation that's important for us. Remember this and win!

Photographer: Roman Zaharchenko, Model: Diliara Fayzullina for Bright Side
Based on materials from TED
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