5 Situations Where Men and Women See the Same Things Differently

Some believe that only men can appreciate a woman's beauty. This is absolutely not true. Men are not the only beauty experts, and they are also not very objective. How can someone who has a sweet tooth be a judge at a cake contest?

Bright Side invites you to compare men's and women's views on female beauty.

Choice of clothing

Men always see the entire picture, whereas women notice everything from the brand of the scarf to the quality of the coat lining. Women are very good at this, but they are also very picky.


Only women truly understand how much effort it takes to make hair shiny and get rid of forehead wrinkles. Of course, men see and appreciate beauty, but they don't know the price of it.


Yes, men appreciate the art of makeup but only the final result of it. Women check how well somebody applies their winged eyeliner and if the tone of the concealer matches the skin color.


A man sees a woman as a whole. He enjoys her pleasant laughter, her kind smile, and her beautiful eyes. Women notice the way other women walk, how they use their body language in a conversation, and many other things that define what kind of person this is: a queen, a hunter, or a loser.


It is said that men and women see a body in the same way. It's not true. Men notice the shape, the silhouette itself. Their attention is drawn to the most...spectacular parts. Women won't miss cellulite on even the most attractive butt, a slightly fat belly, or a few extra pounds.

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