6 Signs of a Soul Mate. The Last One Is Surprising!

6 Signs of a Soul Mate. The Last One Is Surprising!

It is quite easy to find common ground with most people. But to "fit" in the highest sense of the word is incredibly difficult. Such a coincidence is called finding a soul mate, which happens few times in a lifetime, if at all.

We at Bright Side have read La mente es maravillosa, a monolog about kindred spirits, and we want to share with you what we’ve learned about recognizing a soul mate.

A soul mate and beloved person, your fate, your true love. These are by no means the same thing. Your soul mate can be your friend, relative, lover, or just an acquaintance. Sometimes, even just seeing them, hearing them express themselves, or laughing together makes you realize that you are incredibly close spiritually.

Perhaps the main sign of a soul mate is the feeling that you have known each other for a hundred years. You might meet someone who is twice as old as you or of a different nationality or religion, but at the same time you sense that they understand you — in the deepest kind of way.

You can have different tastes in clothes, food, or other small things, but in terms of moral principles, emotional expression, and priorities in life you are very similar. You have a common system of values ​​and similar worldviews.

If we want to phrase it exquisitely, our soul mate acts as our own reflection or a reflection of our inner self. You understand them and yourself at the same time because you look at them as if in a mirror — to the soul, of course, and not the appearance. This sign is known as "The Mirror Law."

Your close spiritual connection and similar worldviews have great potential to develop into something creative, into creating something together — from a semi-drunk adventure to world domination plans.

You are similar right away. If you have to change for them or are trying to change them, you don’t have the same values, views, and plans…so they are not your reflection.

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