7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Your Soul Mate Yet

Many people suffer from loneliness. Sometimes we feel that it is impossible to find the person with whom we can have something more than just a couple of dates.

Bright Side found 7 reasons for this. Analyzing them can help you build a harmonious relationship with your future beloved person and, more importantly, with yourself.

7. You still suffer from a previous relationship.

"Fighting fire with fire," trying to prove something to someone, showing that you are still "in demand" – these will take you nowhere and cause you more suffering. This type of behavior will put you at a distance from your potential partners because nobody likes being a life vest and a means of causing jealousy in an ex-partner. Take your time, calm down, and try to understand what you really want.

6. You have steep expectations.

Some girls dream of a prince, and some guys want their girl to be perfect in every way. Yet real life with real people is a different story. First of all, focus your attention on yourself. How do you look? What can you offer another person? Will he or she feel good being around you? It is well known that princes marry princesses. In other words, if you need a person with a definite set of skills, first try to develop these skills in yourself.

5. You dream about someone who's already taken.

Don't even waste your time. Of course, anything can happen in our lives, and we are not going to judge anyone, but think about this: can you imagine a person who is capable of cheating being your "soul mate"? Don't even try to talk yourself into believing that you're better than his or her spouse. Even if you do take their place, you will be tortured by your own doubts: are you being cheated on now?

4. You have trust issues.

"They are all the same!" "They all just want one and the same thing!" These are things we often hear about both men and women. Well, there is certainly some truth in these sayings, especially if you keep falling in love with the same type of person. Don't rush to trust every occasional acquaintance. But, at the same time, don't push people away with exaggerated mistrust. It's not their fault that your ex hurt you. Concentrate on observing the people around you, and don't ignore important details.

3. You are afraid of a serious relationship.

The lack of confidence that your feelings will stand the test of everyday routine life, the subconscious fear of losing your personal space, the fear of becoming addicted to your beloved – all these things build an invisible wall around you, depriving you of the opportunity to meet someone new. How can you change the situation? There is no ready-made solution, but, as with all the previous points, try to work on yourself first: find an interesting hobby, go out more often, and don't keep negative thoughts in your mind.

2. You have a desperate desire to be liked.

The behavior of a peacock demonstrating his tail works well only in the animal world. For the majority of people, such behavior causes only mockery, laughter, pity, and even irritation. Other behavioral patterns you try in order to be liked by someone don't work either. Don't wear lacy dresses and cute smiles if you don't feel comfortable. First of all, be yourself. The right person will definitely appreciate that.

1. You are too fast.

Many people believe in the rumor about a "biological clock," and so some people are willing to see their "special one" in every second person, literally running after him or her. Of course, it is brilliant if you have serious intentions. However, don't rush to share the names you want to give your kids on a first date. Such an approach may frighten even those who felt something more than just a mere attraction toward you.

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