7 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women

There's a belief that men don't pay attention to tiny details and see only things that lie on the surface. The fact is, they usually care about things that women don't even think about. And of course it's good to know about these things so you can use them to your advantage.

Bright Side gathered and described some common details that men usually notice in women according to specialists.

Face expression

It's absolutely wrong to think that men can't read emotions: during evolution, all people gained this skill to be able to tell friends from enemies.

It turns out that men notice not just the obvious signals like tears or a smile. They also see insincerity reflected in cold eyes and slight disappointment in lips compressed together.

The ability to read faces gives them an opportunity to understand what women want even before they know it. This nonverbal (wordless) communication can even excite men because it helps them feel special.

Outfit color that she prefers

This trick is pretty simple. Everyone knows that colors affect our mood, emotions, and appetite in different ways. Red symbolizes energy and passion; black symbolizes elegance, reliability, and shyness; pink symbolizes warmth and tenderness.

So when a woman chooses a certain color to go out with her boyfriend or husband, she sends subconscious signals about her mood for the evening and her partner's intuition probably picks up on this.

Additionally, there's such a thing as a color personality type that divides people into 4 categories. It's useful to know these types when you meet new people because you can learn a lot about their character from their appearance.

Whether she sings in the shower or not

When we take a shower, we're all alone. We're calm and we don't feel shy. Our stress level decreases and our brain starts producing dopamine, causing feelings of pleasure. In these moments, we want to sing about our mood whether it's good or bad.

In fact, this behavior helps a person "restart" themselves and relax even if they know that someone's at home. This is good because if we feel we can't show our emotions for a long time, it has an effect our psyche which could cause stress and lead to fights and arguments.

It's not surprising that men pay attention to this because it helps them imagine and process the mood of their partner which will help them and the future of their relationship.

The way she texts

Only the bravest among us are comfortable just showing their emotions and actually discussing their feelings. Most of us (especially those of us that are accustomed to dropping hints) try to do it without even making eye contact. Texting is a space where women can reveal their true feelings and are usually more sincere, and men know this.

That's why men try to decipher all the signs that they get in messages and track how often, why, and when women text them.

Here's another interesting fact: Linguists say that the words that that we use tell a lot about our character. Frequent phrases like "I think, I feel" mean that a person is focused on themselves. If a person always tries to persuade you that they are sincere using "I bet, believe me," they may be lying. It's easier to pick up on this while texting which is why people who are tuned in to this, successfully use this method to make judgments about the other person.

Drinks that she prefers

White wine and seafood, gin and tonic with friends, red wine when stressed. Preferences in drinks, as well as in food and clothes, can tell a lot about a person.

Some men pay attention to this so that they will know what to order next and some men do it to find out the current mood of their loved one. Men also notice whether women drink because they enjoy the taste from time to time or whether they're addicted to it.

Clothes she wears to impress

Yes, men pay attention to clothes. They don't care about brands, the newest collection, or price tags. But they will always pay attention to a sense of elegance, style, and sexuality.

It's also possible to figure out a woman's attitude toward a particular guy based on how she's dressed: if she goes on a date in a gorgeous dress and with her hair done perfectly, she's probably very interested in the guy, but if she doesn't care and comes in her everyday outfit, it's probably a bad sign.

It's also important how confident she is. If she looks great but feels shy and trembles like a leaf, it won't make a good impression. But if she is relaxed, doesn't try to impress anyone, and just enjoys herself and the atmosphere, this can improve her image.

Whether she eats a lot of meat or not

In most cases, women prefer to eat salad on a date. They admit that, on the one hand, they're scared to give the impression of someone greedy and someone who eats a lot. On the other hand, they try to show that they're fit and healthy.

In reality, this behavior has the opposite effect. Women who eat salads look shy, self-conscious, and as a result, less attractive in comparison with a woman who orders a steak and looks confident and relaxed. Besides, in this situation, men feel more comfortable because they're on a date with a person, not a rabbit.

Of course this doesn't mean that women should eat only greasy dishes just to impress men. They just have to remember that they can order whatever they want, not to hesitate if they want to have chicken or fish instead of salad, and just be relaxed.

And what is the first thing you pay attention to when you meet a new person?

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