8 Seduction Techniques That Never Actually Work

Pretty much everyone has experienced feelings that remained unrequited despite all their efforts.

We at Bright Side decided to figure out which seduction techniques are guaranteed to fail as well as how not to flirt.

8. Showing unhealthy interest

It might seem that manifestation of interest is the most obvious prologue to a long and happy relationship. However, by actively showing an interest in someone, you could lose all hopes of a favorable response.

A person who is suddenly starting to get tons of attention at once might feel intimidated and lose any wish to communicate with you.

7. Being oversensitive

When trying to show how important everything uttered by their other half is, some people take things too personally.

However, few people will find constant grievances and excuses attractive. That’s why it’s so important to keep a sense of humor and not be afraid to laugh at yourself.

6. Being an object of pity

Absolutely no one will willingly build a relationship with someone who is always unhappy with something. Don’t go around with a sour face complaining about life and waiting for sympathy. Smile — it looks much more attractive.

5. Sending "accidental" texts

This hack is so naive that it must have been invented by enamored schoolgirls. Sending a text with a confession of love to see the reaction, and then lying that you got the wrong number — what could be more reliable? Any sane person will figure out that a mistake like this couldn’t really happen.

4. Being extra loud

When trying to attract attention, we often get very loud and fill the space around us with our voice when talking or laughing.

And it works: such a noisy person will certainly be noticed. Except hardly anyone will want to mix with them.

3. Burdening yourself with others’ problems

When you are deeply in love, all the hardships of someone dear to you seem like your own problems. But don’t rush to take all their worries on your shoulders.

If you do, you won’t turn into a second half but into a soft touch.

2. Secretly mooning over someone

Your silent presence and furtive glances can simply go unnoticed. So don’t sit back and do nothing hoping to draw attention.

1. Becoming a friend

The friend zone is a territory that very few escape from. Contrary to common misconception, this concerns not only guys but also girls.

Having fun together and trusting each other with secrets is all good and well, but never call your loved one a friend. Don’t discuss your potential partners with them either.

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