8 Things Better for Your Happiness Than a Perfect Spouse

Most people are convinced that one’s happiness lies in getting married and having children. But, in reality, there’s an abundance of other things which constitute your inner happiness and add meaning to your life.

Bright Side wants to share some of the most important life, self-realization, and happiness components with you, even if you have a perfect partner and ten beautiful children.

Health and well-being

A healthy body means a happy spirit. With good health, no difficulties are frightening and life is filled with new colors: no headaches, constant colds, or aching muscles. Try to monitor your health, and play sports to stay on your toes.

Your dream job

Not just for the money but because you love it. In most cases, financial success comes from a job you really love. A job which helps you with self-realization, never bores you, and brings you joy. If you have spent all your life working at a bank but always dreamed of being a confectioner, just risk it. It will be worth it.

True friends

They are as rare as true love. A true friend is a person you trust more than yourself. It is someone who truly understands you and shares your values and interests. You can laugh together and cry together, but, most importantly, you know you can always rely on them. Once you find them, hold on to them.

Inspiring hobbies

Hobbies and interests are crucial for self-realization. Spend time on something that makes you happier, something that is fun and helps you grow as a person. Don’t be afraid to start something new. Grandma Moses started painting at 76 out of boredom, and only a few years later, her artwork was sold for millions of dollars.

Savings and financial independence

Prepare for a rainy day. Some rent out an apartment, others paint, grow flowers, breed dogs, or simply save money. Whatever happens tomorrow, your savings will come in handy either for yourself or your loved ones.


Value yourself, and do not let others make you question this. Listen to your heart, and let go of everything that upsets or irritates you. Change your environment if you need to. Find a job where your work is appreciated. Break up with whoever brings you down and mistreats you. Why tolerate something toxic only out of politeness?

Love the real you

Love yourself and the way you are. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself to good movies, occasional gifts, healthy food. Be kind to yourself, and do not let yourself worry too much.

True love

Start with yourself. True love is born deep in your heart and grows from there on to be shared with others. The ability to see the good in people lights up your eyes. Happy people are the most beautiful people. Love yourself, and love your life. Only then will you be in the right place to meet people who will truly love you.

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