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A Famous Psychiatrist Shares 20+ Rules That Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

People can get caught up in all the wrong emotions and that can make leading a healthy and happy life difficult. To help you break that barrier, renowned psychiatrist Mikhail Litvak has devised an approach which he calls “psychological aikido.” His wisdom is easy to understand and follow, and effective in its results.

This Bright Side article is a collection of 20 rules as set by this wise man to help make your life better.

  • Make sure you plan your actions and organize your life well and happiness will follow as a result.
  • If you want something really badly, don’t wait around, and don’t ask for someone’s permission to have or do it. Make sure you’re the one who has control over that.
  • No one rejects anyone. They only go forward. The one who was left behind considers themselves rejected.
  • How can anyone help you if you are not doing anything yourself?

  • If someone did you a favor and helped you and they’re trying to make you feel guilty or grateful for that, make sure you pay off their services and let go of them.
  • Become successful, and all hard feelings will disappear.

  • You should share only joy with friends and enemies. Your friends will be happy and your enemies will be upset.
  • The ability to love and accept loneliness is a sign of an emotionally mature person. We do the best things when we are alone.

  • It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty man.
  • It is nice to talk to friends. It is useful to talk to enemies.
  • When a person doesn’t have a goal, they don’t see anything. A goal sharpens their vision.

  • Depression was given to man in order for him to be able to think about himself.
  • Don’t dig into other people’s lives. Instead, dig into something you’ll benefit from, like science and philosophy.
  • There’s only one reason why you should quit your job and end your relationships, be that emotional or otherwise, — the inability to grow personally and professionally.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people, especially when you meet someone for the first time. They might actually think favorably of you.
  • Your happiness grows when you share it with other people and make them happy.
  • When you talk to a person, remember that they also have a high opinion of themselves. Just like you do.

  • Learn to live for yourself by not feeling the need to constantly prove yourself to other people. Otherwise, you’ll spend your life living for others.
  • Look for the right path instead of the straight path. The right path may not always be straight.

  • The signs of spiritual maturity are the ability to love and the ability to handle loneliness.
  • I don’t know the road to success. But I know the road to unsuccessfulness — it is the desire to be liked by everyone.

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