A Simple Emotional Intelligence Test for You

Daniel Goleman, a famous American psychologist, concluded that people with a high emotional quotient (EQ) are more successful than people with a high IQ. It is EQ that improves quality of life and makes a person more adapted to reality.

Bright Side created a simple test that consists of 10 questions. Let's find out your EQ!




7. Your friend is annoying and sarcastic toward you. Your actions:

6. A bus driver was rude and offended you. Your reaction:

5. You are on a walk with kids, and one of them starts crying because no one wants to play with him. Your actions:

4. Your colleague is awkwardly dressed. What will you do?

3. Your husband comes home too late, and you've been sitting with your baby for the whole day. Your irritation is growing. What happens next?

2. You've been working as a manager for 2 months, but you are failing at it. Your actions:

1. I guess this job is not for me. If nothing changes in 2 months, I will quit and find another job.

2. I have to analyze the situation and find out the reasons why I can't work well. I'll try to improve my skills and change my attitude to my work.

1. Your friend asked you to lie to her boyfriend that you were together last night. And you lied. What do you feel?

1. I just feel bad, and that's it.

2. On the one hand, she is my friend, and I have to support her every time. On the other hand, I'm so ashamed of such awful lies. Her poor boyfriend. To be honest, I'm so mad at myself...


If your answers are mostly under #1, you have to teach yourself to understand the feelings of others. You also have to take your own emotions under control and not overreact. You'll see that you become more successful and your life will get happier.

According to Travis Bradberry's scientific research, 90% of successful people have a high EQ level.

If most of your answers are under #2, your EQ level is pretty high. It's your time to conquer the world as you already have every opportunity for this.

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