An Artist Unmasked Real Society Values, and His Works Are Grim But Impressive

An Argentinean artist goes by the pseudonym of Al Margen. This artist reveals the worst sides of our society, making us stop and think about it. The ruthless truth strikes you if you look at these masterpieces. We know just a few facts about Al Margen: he or she is married and lives in Buenos Aires.

Bright Side wants you to go on a trip through the works of this artist. Warning: you'll plunge into the darkness of human vices, but you won't be able to resist the magnificence of the art.


Reliable news



Nice selfie, isn't it?

Follow your dream.

On the way to wealth

Your time's up.

Smoking kills.

Don't forget to take your head.

Too many thoughts

Kids have ears too.

Not slim enough


What's today's image?

You don't want to, but you have to.

The War


Music in our heads


Financial shackles

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Preview photo credit Al Margen /
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