Eight scientifically approved ways to be more attractive

What makes a person attractive? We've long sought for the answer, and finally scientists have decided to help us out. After years of studies, researchers from many different countries have worked out general features that make some people more attractive than the rest.

We at Bright Side suggest looking at the results of their work together.

Sense of humor

Everyone knows that if you're funny, you'll attract other people. If you know how to laugh at yourself, then your appeal is multiplied at once. A number of studies show that women are most attracted to men who can make them laugh out loud. For men, a woman's sense of humor isn't essential, but a smile will always be appreciated.


Researchers from the University of California have found that people almost always seem more attractive when they are in a group. This happens because our brain processes the whole collection of faces together, making each of them "average" and, as a result, more appealing.


Studies have shown that an open and confident posture will make you more appealing to a person you meet for the first time. In short, give everyone you meet a warm embrace.


A Harvard study says that when you only talk about yourself, the brain of your opponent acts as if you were talking about, say, a good meal. Such a conversation won't make them happy. Ask them deep and unconventional questions, and you may well find them in love with you.

Leader's qualities

People are naturally attracted to leaders. In fact, as a study shows, people in a group may even find more appeal in their superior than those outside their group. For instance, a company CEO may seem more attractive to its employees than to outsiders.

Facial expression

In these two experiments, Swiss researchers studied the connection between attractiveness and smiling. What they found was that a face with a broad and sincere smile on it carries more appeal to others. And that makes sense, for a happy expression easily makes up for a certain homeliness.

Treating others

Kindness is always appealing. In 2014, researchers from China observed that when people hear something good about a person they find him or her more physically attractive. So be kinder - this will improve others' view of you and make the world a better place.

Personal traits

There is no single right way to become attractive. Beauty is in our eyes. Another study has shown that our appeal is largely influenced by our surroundings, experience, and tastes. So always stay yourself, because one day someone will fall madly in love with you as you are.

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side
Based on materials from iflscience
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