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Expert Reveals 7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

A first impression, as psychologists suggest, is long-lasting. And the most surprising part is that it has very little connection with how good of a person you actually are. It’s all about the nonverbal signs, gestures, and mimics that you make, rather than your merits.

We at Bright Side have decided to share with you some advice about leaving a good first impression from Leil Lowndes, an internationally recognized communications expert.

1. Smile with some delay

We all know that smiling is very important for good communication. However, it’s not about that plastic smile that shows simple politeness. Leil Lowndes explains the way to leave a better impression: first, look at another person’s face, wait for a few seconds, and only then smile. This pause will make your smile more sincere.

2. Don’t make eye contact for too long

Based on research, Lowndes claims that when a man looks into another man’s eyes for a long time, it can be interpreted as aggression. Instead, she advises that you gradually extend the time of visual contact from the beginning of meeting someone. The rule of 60/40 will work perfectly in this instance — make eye-contact for approximately 60% of time. The same is true for relations between men and women.

3. Be aware of your posture

Look at champion athletes or political leaders — you will never see them with their shoulders or eyes down. It’s quite the opposite, they’re always standing with perfect posture and a smile. Thus, they show their confidence and make everyone like them. The expert advises that you should do exactly the same thing if you want to leave the best impression.

4. Show your interest

When meeting a new person, everyone thinks about 2 things: “Do I like them?” and “Do they like me?”. So, in order to leave a good impression, you need to show your interest in the person or you will look pretty arrogant, as Lowndes writes in her book.

The best way of doing this is to use non-verbal signs like smiling, turning toward them with your whole body, and more. Pay attention and open up all the barriers between the 2 of you: bags, glasses, your hands — they shouldn’t be closed either.

5. Get rid of anxious gestures

There is no one special non-verbal sign that signals that you’re lying. However, there are too many articles out there that say that fussy hand gestures are indicative of someone who might be hiding something. There are a lot of people that rely on these prejudices, that’s why you should be aware and keep yourself from touching your neck, your face, your ears, or your hair.

6. Be empathetic

You can not only show your interest in a person by sending certain non-verbal signs, but by mimicking their behavior and reacting accordingly. This will make you look more caring and you’ll make an impression as a trustworthy person. And, as the expert puts it, “When you act as though you like someone, you start to really like them.”

7. Visualize the meeting beforehand

If you have some time before a meeting, try to rehearse it. Imagine yourself speaking with that person in front of a mirror, try on a smile and a posture, and look on your gestures. Lowndes says that visualization always helps you to get better results.

Which tricks do you use to leave a good first impression? Don’t be shy about sharing them with us in the comment section!

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