Science reveals the type of men women can’t resist

It's quite common that an average-looking man who acts confidently is more successful with women than someone with a more appealing face. And now there is an explanation.

A study published in Psychological Science revealed that men whose appearance is far from the beauty standards, but who are more confident around women, are more successful than men with higher physical attractiveness.

This study involved 96 men and 103 women who participated in speed dating, where each participant spent three minutes talking with another participant. The results showed that "men who believed that they are more attractive than they were, were found to be more attractive by women." And this confidence was key to dating success.

In addition, the study showed that men who are less concerned with their physical appearance are not only more successful with women but also raise confident children.

It added that physically attractive men are more likely to cheat.

So now we know two things about the most desired men: women prefer confident and kind-hearted guys whose appearance is far from the stereotypes of beauty - scientifically proven.

Based on materials from in.perfectas
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